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Art Journal #11: Ned + Chuck


What?? We’re almost at the end of June and I skipped a month??? I’m not even going to explain myself anymore because been busy (playing Far Cry 3 and living the Brooklyn Nine Nine life) get over it.

For this entry, it is clear that I have learned to let go of the airbrushes entirely. I wanted to tone down the texture on shades and highlights and just stick with the basics. And I think it looked great and I want to use this style more often in my future entries. But who knows? Maybe I’d discover better styles and who knows when will my next entry be?

Anyway, I’m still sad this show (Pushing Daisies) got cancelled. Made an entry about that resentment here.


Bubbly Waters instead of Coffees

My Korean drama series phase is not over. After watching My Love From Another Star, I was determined to watch one more before letting go of the post-submission unproductiveness.

Oh, and did I mention I moved out of my house? Well, kind of. I mean, I already have my stuff placed in the new apartment but I still have plans on going home on the weekends to bring back laundry and shit. “Moving out” sounded so adult like I’m some kind of a rising youtube vlogger moving to LA. Anyway, my friends and I decided that, in order to have easier file sharing and communication, we definitely should rent an apartment near the university. Plus, it’s gonna be like Summer Camp 2015 2.0 so it should be fun.


And it is. With the new apartment having a lot of space, ventilation won’t be a problem even if our PC units’ heat might open a gateway to hell.

Right. So back to my Korean Drama Series Phase.

Back in high school, the show My Girlfriend is A Gumiho rose to fame in the country. It was aired in the summer of 2011 and the everyone got crazy over the lead actress Shin Min-ah because gaaah she’s really pretty. But I wasn’t able to watch all the episodes because of the fucking summer classes. I never had the chance to watch them after that because that was the time I was working on college applications and shit. Also, I was not yet introduced to the beauty of sharing TV series among friends.


And now, it’s part of this weird phase in my life and I shall make a review on it.

The story, to start, was really cool because they based it on the old legends of Korea. I’ve always been fascinated on films and shows that incorporate the culture and tradition of their settings. I think the effort on research and development makes the entire show a whole lot meaningful and it creates an important connection to the audience as if it’s their own reality.

The next thing I’m going to praise is Shin Min-ah. I do not only praise her for her cuteness but also for personifying the nine-tailed fox so well. She made the character feel like a child in a grown person’s body but doesn’t overdo it into an adult with mental incapacity. The purity and innocence and sweetness of her character really carried the whole show. I loved Mi-ho’s small but unforgettable childish habits. And I loved how she became a certain kind of responsibility for Dae Wong so that he can develop his character to maturity.


The love story of Dae Wong’s aunt and the Director was hilarious and gave me breaks from the stress of the main plot. It was surprisingly entertaining and I was looking forward to seeing them. I thought I would disregard all the scenes that did not include Shin Min-ah but there we go.

The show was not just entirely sweet and light-hearted. I’m telling you, I cried my eyes out right at the beginning of the 4th episode. That’s how intense the show was. You know, now that I mentioned it, I think my emotional endurance when it comes to watching tv series, has dropped lately. I might know the reason but I am not done with my review yet.

Moving on.

There were some off bits though, like the indecisiveness of the writers on what shall become of the bead. It’s like I’m watching a tennis match between Dae Wong and Mi-ho. I also thought that the development of Park Dong-Joo’s character was a bit abrupt at the last part. The part when he suddenly changed his mind and gave his desires up so Mi-ho and Dae Wong would get back together. Well, to be honest it doesn’t matter, he’s my least favorite character anyway because he’s such a weirdo.

I wish Eun Hye-In’s character was justified at the end. Despite her bitchy and manipulative attitude, I kinda wish the audience would make peace with her because she’s innocent and she doesn’t really understand what’s happening.

Anyway, I’m currently enjoying the comforts of being in my own house. By tomorrow afternoon, I’ll probably go back to the apartment. I’m watching another Korean Drama Series called Arang and the Magistrate also starring Shin Min-ah. You would have asked how do I find time watching series in the middle of the pre-production for our short film. I actually don’t.

Welcome to my crappily managed life.

pkay, last one.