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Summer ’18

Well now, it’s been a while. Stuff happened so let’s talk about them before I get preoccupied with even more stuff.


I went on a trip to an island somewhere in Sorsogon. I was there with some of my co-workers and we all have that understanding among ourselves about how much we needed this break away from the office. It was a few hours away from my parent’s hometown so the whole experience was new. No, it’s not the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen clearer water and finer sand. But it was definitely one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. You know why? Because that was the only vacation where I actually get to do NOTHING!

And by “nothing” I mean just staying inside the cottage and waiting until it was okay to swim under the sun.

I used to believe that in order for a getaway at the beach to be worthwhile, I had to stay in the water for as long as I can. And I would just end up extremely tanned and nothing much has changed within me. I finally understood that delightful feeling of watching the waves as I breathe the fresh air of the ocean. I finally realized, in rare moments with nature like these, how important it is to pause for a while and reflect on life. Without plans and without other places to be. It was as if I was stuck in another space and it was just me and that horizon. And everything was at peace.


I also went on another musical phase. I got obsessed with Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (2013). I guess it all started with watching Broadway Princess Party on Youtube. The whole event was fun enough–you get to see Broadway actors singing classic Disney songs. And one of those actors was Laura Osnes. Some of her performances was this beautiful medley of Disney songs and this wonderful rendition of “I See the Light” with Zachary Levi (guy who voiced Flynn Rider from Tangled).

In my everyday experience with music, I get to listen to beautiful voices by beautiful people from beautiful songs. But there are just some voices where you’d want for more. Laura’s was one of them. And I scrambled my way through Spotify and looked for her just to satisfy my ears. And that’s when I found myself drowned in this classic tale of glass slippers and fairygodmothers and dreams. And even though Cinderella is not my favorite (part of that is her passivity towards her so-called dreams because it shall be taken care of by karma and her deus ex-fairygodmother), she has become part of my childhood. And man, the songs were catchy and magical.


I stopped playing Skyrim. And did that make me a more productive person? Nope. It was only replaced by more video games, Tomb Raider (2013) and Assassin’s Creed II. 

I’d like to start with Assassin’s Creed II since there’s a lot to talk about in Tomb Raider (2013). My first experience with this game was back in 2014 when I got this laptop from my cousin and there was Assassin’s Creed: Revelation installed. And I’m pretty sure I mentioned a little bit about it here. Anyway, it was a fun game. The parkour was awesome and having that liberty on choosing what kind of kill you’d do for a target was an exhilarating feeling.

Let’s move on to Tomb Raider (2013). I am in love with Lara Croft’s character in this particular game. Well, she has been part of my childhood but I didn’t quite relate to her. She was just, at least for me, a badass Angelina Jolie character and nothing more.

Then this game came along and suddenly, Lara Croft was like this girl you see in school but never really know and you never really cared. And then you two got stuck in a situation, like a lab partner in Science class or something. And she turned out to be a really cool person and you two become really awesome friends. And you’re sort of torn between jealousy and attraction because she’s really hot and really badass and she has everything you do not have. You either want to make out with her or push her in the hallways just to check if she’s vulnerable to embarrassment because seriously you can’t be all that perfect what the hell, girl, there has to be a flaw!

Anyway, Tomb Raider (2013) is an awesome game. Sure, the graphics and gameplay was already good enough but the thing that I really loved about it is the actual story of how Lara came to be. She started as this selfish, curious explorer who cared more about uncovering answers than the welfare of the people around her. Which then led to consequences and she gradually changed into this human being who is determined to save her friends despite the danger that comes her way. Then again, it may be because of guilt. I mean, if I were her, I would want to save everyone knowing the fact the I was the reason they were there in the first place.

Whatever she was, it didn’t really matter. I was inspired by her determination, resourcefulness and care for other people. To be honest, I see so much of Nancy Drew in her. I guess that’s the reason why I love her.


Now, I have been made fun of for being attracted to video game characters. First of all, I am not attracted to video game characters. Second, even if I was, which I’m not, video game characters are no different from film characters or book characters. Sure, these are non-existent characters but see, there’s this thing in philosophy about universe of discourse and y’all guys should check it.

My point here is that I have come to relate to these video game characters more than the people in real life and that makes them stood out. That makes me interested and engaged (or maybe even attracted) to them.


Roads To Take

Here’s what’s been happening recently. Well, I am not quite sure how recent these stories are. But here’s the thing, I’m starting to feel okay about not writing as often as I used to. I’m starting to accept the fact that I can’t really do everything and that there is a limit to the list of priorities we have to do in every single day.

First things first. There was a company outing that happened just the weekend before Labor day. It wasn’t as grand as last year, there were no island hops or boat rides or treks or any of that kind. But I had fun, because for one thing, there were more of us compared to last year.

Yeah I forgot to tell you that there are part timers and interns right now so the office is packed than usual. Another thing is that I have been dying to get outside the office this summer and experience the sun (well, we all had too much sun considering we fried ourselves outside till noon). I’m guessing everyone needed a day off as much as I did.

Second, I bought myself a bike. Yeah, I kind of been keeping myself active. I felt like my health has been depleting lately; my hair is falling out, my blood pressure is getting lower than it already is, I get out of breath just by walking up the stairs, my weight is almost below normal and my period is later than scheduled. And these things that’s been happening on my body is seriously scaring the fuck out of me.

So I needed to start with keeping my body as active as I can and decided a bike is exactly what I need. At first, I just really wanted to go explore the town and I sort of wanted a bike that is not as intimidating as a mountain bike. Like a cruiser bike! Which is a chill and a really cute bike. Where you can even put a little basket in front and it’s like you’re this village girl with flowers on your hair and you’re biking around the prairie. That was the plan!

And then this salesguy in the bike shop kept on persisting me to go with the mountain bike because he said it’ll last even the farthest distance. Dude, I have no plans on going the farthest distance, I just wanted to ride around town??? Plus I can’t even ride a mountain bike??? But then he told me to try it.

Okay, in my lifetime, my experience in biking is not really that rich. I was actually forbidden to go biking by my mother because she told me it was not for girls. But there was a bike at the market that is just right for my 10-year old size. It was owned by one of the helpers there. And every afternoon, I would tell my mom I would go to the market to, you know, help my dad with business and stuff. But I didn’t do a single thing there that involved helping, which was okay with my dad, to be honest. Instead, I would hang out with the helpers there as they’d teach me how to ride a bike. Believe me, they’re like the older brothers that I never had. Plus, I was pretty sure my mom knew about this escape and she didn’t say anything.

And that’s it. The 10-year old sized bike was the only experience I ever had with biking. How am I supposed to ride this monster that is larger than I am? But I did. Holy shit, I did. Of course, I was absolutely terrified. The elevation that I felt was very unfamiliar and it was as if the bike was controlling me and not the other way around. Every pedal was a panic despite having zero cars in the area.

I didn’t want it. But at the same time I also knew that I would go nowhere with the comforts of a cruiser bike. I needed to get myself used to the thing that terrifies me. So I picked the mountain bike. See here that I am taking the road not taken.


The day it was delivered home, I was excited, of course. But there was that terror again despite my dad being behind me the whole time. I kept on forgetting about the breaks and my hands were wobbly. This time, it came from my fear in everything that had to do with roads.

As much as I love roadtrips, I never wanted the responsibility of decision making in that great big open space that we call the road. It’s like a community in there where people communicate with telepathy and hand signals. And yes, the road that I took was not even a highway, but I was really scared. I was starting to feel like I just made a big mistake of purchasing this two-wheel, human powered mode of transportation because I was not quite sure if I wanted to ride it anymore.

Now, if my boyfriend hadn’t given me this set of headlights and this adorable bell to encourage me, it would have been a long time before I try that bike one more time.

Fast forward to now, I’ve been biking around town with my childhood friends on the early mornings that we can. The most memorable thing about that would probably be the time we went back to our elementary school.

It was an early Saturday morning so the place was almost empty. As we walked around the campus, we pointed at particular places and reminisced stories that happened there. And omygod I was so filled with nostalgia I could almost see young versions of ourselves running around in front of the classrooms.

And that’s about it, I guess. In week, we’ll be going on a trip to Calaguas and I am excited. So excited my feet clenches just from the thought of it. I do hope that I will be able to talk about it when I come back.  Anyway, I am now running out of words so I guess I’ll be going now.

Summer Field Trip

The day right after Holy Week, my friends and I had this 5-hour trip to Sorsogon. I’m not new to the place. I’ve been there a couple of times and I’ve learned to understand the dialect from the childhood years I spent there with my grandparents while my parents were in another place because of their jobs. I spent my years there alone and formed a few imaginary friends (I don’t remember any of it but that’s what my mom told me) which made my parents decide I needed to have a sister.

But it was a fun childhood despite my seclusion from the civilization (because my mom’s house was in the mountains). I loved the peace and quite of the farm life with just me and my grandparents. So, before I start talking about this imaginary friend named Manny who hid behind my grandma’s hanged laundry and my first and only dog friend named Kulit, I should probably get on with talking about our trip.

We started at dawn because everyone understood the geographical differences of this place from ours and we can’t waste time. The shuttle bus that we rented at the last minute was perfect and the trip wouldn’t have been possible without it. It was really convenient because we were able to pick up a few friends along the way. Also, with a few convincing lies, we were able to smuggle someone out of her house at the very last minute. It made me feel really guilty in the end when we went home but that friend of mine will totally miss out a LOT if we hadn’t done what we had to do. Basically, she owes me.


 In the first few hours of the trip, it was filled with energetic chatters and ukulele strums and OPM sing-alongs but later on, everyone realized how long this trip is actually going to be so we went to sleep. 

We had lunch at this expensive-ass Cafe Rosita. I wasn’t feeling great at the time because of sudden carsickness so nothing happened much. Well, I did threw up in the bathroom. Man, that was the first time I threw up in a bathroom sober.


And then another long-ass, nauseating and death-defying ride to Bulusan Lake. Shit, the view was so much better than I remembered! We spent 20 minutes there taking pictures and shit before doing actual activities. The first one was trekking. It wasn’t really that exciting. We were really just walking around trees and shit. But we did reach this unfinished hanging bridge and when I say unfinished, I mean it’s not yet available for tourists but we did get a chance to walk halfway.

And then with a little persuasion from my friends, I was able to experience kayaking at the lake. I was scared because I’ve heard stories about going out of balance and plunging into that 20-meter deep lake. And between my friend and I, no one really has the sufficient skill in swimming and saving lives. But in the end, It was a surprise that I can maneuver a kayak without difficulty. Although, we did get soaked from too much joking around. Oh well.


At night, we had dinner at my grandma’s place and it was one of the weirdest feelings in the world. Not because there are 20+ fresh graduates who suddenly showed up at a house that is usually inhabited by two old people. Nope.

You know when it’s like friends are one realm and relatives are another. And your whole personality also changes depending on what realm you’re in. And when these two realms suddenly exist in the same universe (just like what happened to me)  your system gets confused because you now become this one person with two distinct personalities. It’s so weird.

But anyway it was a great dinner and I missed my grandparents.

We went back to our cottage at this surf camp just a few minutes away. The cottage there was cute but it wasn’t cute anymore when it suddenly rained the whole night. I was lucky enough to be one of the few who slept in less discomfort than the others.

The next day, we went to this island which I didn’t know existed if it wasn’t for the remarkable researching ability of my friend. Who would have thought that there is someplace as cool as this.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m starting to feel a little lazy again and I can’t wait for another day to post this.  So I’ll just put some more pictures here. Y’all probably knew that these photos aren’t mine.

We Went To Daet for This?

10743489_871392159571858_1453847953_n 10744898_871386969572377_786886230_n

10751744_871391939571880_1121173375_n 10751887_871392326238508_647766157_n

Actually we went to make a music video that we shall be releasing by next week, I think. Gosh after a couple of pathetic appeals to my mom just to ask for her permission, finally I was able to go to the place that has already invited me a couple of months ago but I didn’t go because there was a typhoon hovering over the region so ugh.

Anyway the one night and two days stay in Daet was really fun and productive. I was finally able to reach Bagasbas beach (that we shall be featuring in our film). Also, the Earl’s burger which is located just by the beach is highly recommended. And then we went to a Japanese surplus shop. I bought a Darth Vader keychain and a Dyno torch (a mechanically powered flashlight).

I’m not really in the mood to go into details about what happened. To be honest I just got home and I’m kinda tired. So I’ll probably just be posting our film in a couple of days if this laziness continues.

It’ll probably look like this:


Paul Echano  did the photos and everything. He’s a really hot person and he’s just too cool to level with because his photography and shit is rad. I wish I was him. We all do.

I Kinda Need That Hundred and Four Days of Summer Vacation

Daily Prompt: August Blues

There was never a year in my elementary days when the first day of the school year was scary. or boring. I never gave first days of school negative thoughts because I was always excited about it. I mean I was 10. and I couldn’t wait for the day to show off my new set of supplies. I couldn’t wait to see the friends I’ve missed the whole summer even though they live just a couple of minutes away from my house. I couldn’t wait to start fresh and begin to becoming a more responsible pupil which I promised this summer after seeing my grades.

I could’t be happier to be outside the house and taste freedom by running wild across the fields of my school with my friends without my mom calling me up to wipe the sweat off my face. School time back then were as fun as summertime.

And now…

I don’t even know what summer feels like anymore. And I’m not talking about the scorching heat of the sun because I am well familiar with it. I’m talking about the idea of relaxation and fun and sand and sleep. It seems like the month of April and May were just another tiresome series of activities. And then you get to continue them when the month of June comes around. They’re all summer classes. With fucking homeworks and irrelevant things.

I need a day-off.

In Space We’re Here A Million Miles Away

Even though I haven’t got a chance to walk around the beach or dive into the pool or do any FUN activities involving the sun (well actually, I don’t really find any activity involving the sun…fun) this summer, I can say that I’m still contented.

One reason is that I purchased these babies.


Ever since I finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, I started getting quite interested with the Asian Culture. I have not really gave much thought on the tales of the orient before because I think I was still too obsessed with Rick Riordan’s modern adaptation of the Greek Myth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians). Now I just realized how much I’ve been missing.


Also I needed this book because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to drawing. I feel that this is a way of improving myself and also I don’t want my drawings having the same poses in every way I draw them.

Luckily, as I was browsing at the stacks of books on Booksale, just browsing because my budget is just enough for my lunch and fare, I found these two and like a cunning mother protecting her child from the clutches of the predators in this jungle of published ideas and the sea of literary works, I hid them deep behind the books that are not given much attention by the people and then whispered to them that I shall return with a wad of cash and we’ll be together once and for all.

And the next day I came back but I guess I didn’t consider the employees working there and how they would arrange the books everyday that’s why I had a hard time finding those books again. But eventually I found them, purchased them and took them home. It cost me my savings but it was worth it. and I’m happy.

The second reason is that my cousin installed Assassin’s Creed: Revelation and I liked it. It was entertaining to play. The graphics are just amazing. Yeah, I think I might give exceptions to the things I said on my last entry about video games.


oh and by the way, is it me or this guy, Yusuf is just attractive?


Third reason is that I now have a small notebook that I can carry around where I can write my ideas in the most random places and situations. I’m just really tired of ideas popping out of my brain and then I would forget about it after some time. It’s really frustrating.


and last, we’re making a music video and I’m just really excited. We just finished shooting awhile ago. Funny thing happened awhile ago at the bus station. We were on the bus waiting for our friend because he said that he will catch up. But then the bus started to move and we kinda panicked. We told the driver to please be so kind to wait for a while. My other friend decided to call him and tell him where we were. And then he found us and they were still talking on the phone and I know I kinda suck at telling the story but It all felt so dramatic that I thought I was watching a TV-drama.

We also met these two brothers who owned a farm somewhere in Panicuason and they were so kind that my friends thought they were murderers. They gave us half a dozen of their flowers for free and a kilo or two of Indian mangoes also for free.

So yeah, I guess that’s about it. Summer, so far, so good. May not be any better but, I can live to that.