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Art Journal #14: September Stuff

Here’s some stuff I did last…phew…September. I have a modern day Katara, a character from a Korean Drama (Reply 1988) and some random guy who’s supposed to be Ted Tonks but didn’t feel like it.

Anyway a lot of things happened but I have been doing more work than ever so I didn’t really have that much time writing. No time for writing these days and I’m starting to be okay with that fact.


Korean Doctor Wh–? No.

This is a review on a Korean drama series called My Love from Another Star.

I don’t have much to say about this show except it was painfully long. 21 episodes and each of them fit into almost an hour each. To be honest, it can be narrowed down into one big movie if we wanted to get to the point.

I so much wanted to multitask: You know, minimize my player and do something else like surf the internet. That way you can just listen to the show while scrolling through your tumblr dash or something. But I don’t understand Korean and I can’t risk important scenes so I had to force myself to sit through the whole episode and read the subtitles.

I found some unrealistic plot points too. And no, it’s even about the main character being an alien. The fact that Do Min Joon was able to avoid important relationships with humans for the past 400 years was not believable. At first it was understandable that he was carrying regret over not being able to save the one person who was ever nice to him, but carrying that for 400 years was too much.

Did his feelings not fade over this one mistake? I’m pretty sure that the remorse would have faded because of the education he acquired and the experiences he had over the past years. For a character possessing incredible amount of knowledge, I think Do Min Joon is pretty dumb (considering his decisions on keeping Cheon Song Yi safe).  He said he went to wars and he had seen people die. He should have understood the concept of death already. Did he not learn anything from them?

I have to say the same for the two other characters: Cheon Song Yi’s friends–the rich guy who’s inlove with her and the actress girl who’s secretly jealous of her. I have trouble remembering the names of the supporting characters so bear with me. Plus, I don’t their their feelings were given any closure as the show progressed. I did not feel their character development and the resolution of their feelings towards the very end.

I don’t understand how on earth did they stay in love with the same person for 15 years. And could the world be that small for 3 people to stick together for 15 years? Seriously, this show is set in a really really small universe despite of it starring an alien from another star (even though we all know that can’t be possible because a star is just a big ball of gas so it’s impossible to put foot on it much less inhabit it) because people suddenly becomes conveniently related to one another when something important happens.

Going back, given Cheon Song Yi’s friends’ privileges in the wealth and looks department, I’m pretty sure it won’t be that hard for them to move on. Oh, they’re in love with the people they’re close with? Right. Okay. I have nothing more to say.

I also think that the defeat of the villain (who’s motives are still blurry) was a bit sudden. I mean the show built up so much mystery and thrill for him only to get his ultimate defeat scene in less than 20 mins. I was expecting confessions and confrontations but in the end, Do Min Joon’s revelation of his identity to the mass stole the show.

The character of Cheon Song Yi’s brother was so random. One moment he was this apathetic and irritated punk and suddenly he was always around. And why was he even around? It’s not that his character was that important.

There were some minor characters that I find adorable though. And I feel like they should have more scenes. For example, I love the relationship that Cheon Song Yi had with her old manager. I found him really sweet and caring and he gave balance to her arrogant attitude. Her old friend at the manga store was hilarious and I wish she was a main character.

My favorite parts of the show are when Do Min Joon gets to stop the time. The visual effects crew did a really good job on making me feel the environment being alive despite of the time being frozen.

Even though the show had flaws and the story being not that new, I can’t say I hated it. I think I should give credit to the lead actors for the consistency with their characters and also, their good looks.

That boy, Kim Soo Hyun, I find him surprisingly cute.