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Art Journal #11: Ned + Chuck


What?? We’re almost at the end of June and I skipped a month??? I’m not even going to explain myself anymore because been busy (playing Far Cry 3 and living the Brooklyn Nine Nine life) get over it.

For this entry, it is clear that I have learned to let go of the airbrushes entirely. I wanted to tone down the texture on shades and highlights and just stick with the basics. And I think it looked great and I want to use this style more often in my future entries. But who knows? Maybe I’d discover better styles and who knows when will my next entry be?

Anyway, I’m still sad this show (Pushing Daisies) got cancelled. Made an entry about that resentment here.


Pushing Daisies is Pushing Daisies

The series revolves around a pie-maker named Ned who could bring people back to life with his touch but he’s not allowed to touch that person again because if he does, that person is dead forever. Also, if a minute passes and that person is still alive, another one dies as a consequence. Now, Ned has this childhood sweetheart, Charlotte “Chuck” Charles and she dies. And so Ned touches her and because of the rules of nature, he’s not allowed to touch her ever again no matter how deeply in love they are with each other.

The first time I’ve heard about this plot on tumblr, I jumped and went to Youtube immediately to watch the trailer. I just found the whole story unique. And I was already curious on how the creators would keep the actors’ chemistry building up without even touching each other. It’s just sad they had to cancel the show. I just didn’t understand why would they had to cut everything to chase and cram the whole story into just two seasons. It could have lasted 7-9 seasons. There were a lot of unanswered questions. There were characters who were given great introductions but we never got to know them. Chuck and Ned’s love story was so adorable but really really short. If their budget wasn’t enough that time, they could have just put the show into hiatus and i would have been willing to wait a long time for it (hello there, Sherlock).

I love the vibrant colors they used despite of the show being about murder, theft, loss, deceit, death and unrequited love. This show has also made me appreciate the presence of narrators in films. All of a sudden, I wanted every show to have a narrator. I wanted real life to have narrators. I think the world would be a really interesting place with all the narrators around. It need not to report our every physical action, just having someone to speak in behalf of us about our deepest and realest feelings is already really really nice.


can we just take a moment how really cute the scenes were? seriously it was soooo innocent and honest.


gaahh why u end so soooon???