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Summer ’18

Well now, it’s been a while. Stuff happened so let’s talk about them before I get preoccupied with even more stuff.


I went on a trip to an island somewhere in Sorsogon. I was there with some of my co-workers and we all have that understanding among ourselves about how much we needed this break away from the office. It was a few hours away from my parent’s hometown so the whole experience was new. No, it’s not the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen clearer water and finer sand. But it was definitely one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. You know why? Because that was the only vacation where I actually get to do NOTHING!

And by “nothing” I mean just staying inside the cottage and waiting until it was okay to swim under the sun.

I used to believe that in order for a getaway at the beach to be worthwhile, I had to stay in the water for as long as I can. And I would just end up extremely tanned and nothing much has changed within me. I finally understood that delightful feeling of watching the waves as I breathe the fresh air of the ocean. I finally realized, in rare moments with nature like these, how important it is to pause for a while and reflect on life. Without plans and without other places to be. It was as if I was stuck in another space and it was just me and that horizon. And everything was at peace.


I also went on another musical phase. I got obsessed with Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (2013). I guess it all started with watching Broadway Princess Party on Youtube. The whole event was fun enough–you get to see Broadway actors singing classic Disney songs. And one of those actors was Laura Osnes. Some of her performances was this beautiful medley of Disney songs and this wonderful rendition of “I See the Light” with Zachary Levi (guy who voiced Flynn Rider from Tangled).

In my everyday experience with music, I get to listen to beautiful voices by beautiful people from beautiful songs. But there are just some voices where you’d want for more. Laura’s was one of them. And I scrambled my way through Spotify and looked for her just to satisfy my ears. And that’s when I found myself drowned in this classic tale of glass slippers and fairygodmothers and dreams. And even though Cinderella is not my favorite (part of that is her passivity towards her so-called dreams because it shall be taken care of by karma and her deus ex-fairygodmother), she has become part of my childhood. And man, the songs were catchy and magical.


I stopped playing Skyrim. And did that make me a more productive person? Nope. It was only replaced by more video games, Tomb Raider (2013) and Assassin’s Creed II. 

I’d like to start with Assassin’s Creed II since there’s a lot to talk about in Tomb Raider (2013). My first experience with this game was back in 2014 when I got this laptop from my cousin and there was Assassin’s Creed: Revelation installed. And I’m pretty sure I mentioned a little bit about it here. Anyway, it was a fun game. The parkour was awesome and having that liberty on choosing what kind of kill you’d do for a target was an exhilarating feeling.

Let’s move on to Tomb Raider (2013). I am in love with Lara Croft’s character in this particular game. Well, she has been part of my childhood but I didn’t quite relate to her. She was just, at least for me, a badass Angelina Jolie character and nothing more.

Then this game came along and suddenly, Lara Croft was like this girl you see in school but never really know and you never really cared. And then you two got stuck in a situation, like a lab partner in Science class or something. And she turned out to be a really cool person and you two become really awesome friends. And you’re sort of torn between jealousy and attraction because she’s really hot and really badass and she has everything you do not have. You either want to make out with her or push her in the hallways just to check if she’s vulnerable to embarrassment because seriously you can’t be all that perfect what the hell, girl, there has to be a flaw!

Anyway, Tomb Raider (2013) is an awesome game. Sure, the graphics and gameplay was already good enough but the thing that I really loved about it is the actual story of how Lara came to be. She started as this selfish, curious explorer who cared more about uncovering answers than the welfare of the people around her. Which then led to consequences and she gradually changed into this human being who is determined to save her friends despite the danger that comes her way. Then again, it may be because of guilt. I mean, if I were her, I would want to save everyone knowing the fact the I was the reason they were there in the first place.

Whatever she was, it didn’t really matter. I was inspired by her determination, resourcefulness and care for other people. To be honest, I see so much of Nancy Drew in her. I guess that’s the reason why I love her.


Now, I have been made fun of for being attracted to video game characters. First of all, I am not attracted to video game characters. Second, even if I was, which I’m not, video game characters are no different from film characters or book characters. Sure, these are non-existent characters but see, there’s this thing in philosophy about universe of discourse and y’all guys should check it.

My point here is that I have come to relate to these video game characters more than the people in real life and that makes them stood out. That makes me interested and engaged (or maybe even attracted) to them.


Blog Assignment #4: Codex Is Not Impressed With Zaboo

I was never really into the online gaming world. I mean, I did play some games but I got entertained for only a short moment. After that, I rarely considered playing it again.Playing these games were not really something I would dedicate my free time on. For me it’s a big waste of time, I don’t really see the point of it. Oh god, Gamers are so going to massacre me right now.

But I did play some games back when was younger. The earliest memory I had when it came to playing online games is when I was 12.

And I was playing GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.

Yeah, not really a suitable game for that age, but what the hell. Almost every kind in our neighborhood plays them. I liked it. It sort of had this creative theme you know, being the bad guy. Beating up the police officers and the prostitutes. Stealing cars. Following orders from this Boss of yours (Although I never really took the missions seriously because I was too busy being what a criminal should be).

After I got bored with it, I started playing Pokemon and Harvest Moon when I was 14. I played these two almost at the same era. What I loved about these two is that it’s really friendly. Even though they had a low, Nintedo Gameboy quality. It’s so simple yet entertaining. I made it to two years in Harvest Moon. I was married to “the girl of my dreams” and we had a baby. But it was only for awhile because some idiot deleted it. And I don’t want to start over. So I didn’t play anymore.

After that tragic game ending, my friend, the one who recommended Pokemon and Harvest Moon to me, felt sorry for me. She then, recommended Rune Factory to me. It’s almost the same as Harvest Moon only with higher quality. But it didn’t last because that was the era of my Doctor Who addiction. And there was nothing to distract myself from it.

But there were moments when Doctor Who and other TV shows have this hiatus and sometimes I am left with nothing to do. So I bought a game and It called Resident Evil 5. I have this friend who’s addicted to Zombies and Games and she recommended it to me. I was really turned on by the quality but the game is really hard. And I kept on dying. And I kept on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. And I got bored. So I didn’t finish it. Man, I was almost at the end.

The latest game I played is Left 4 Dead. I finished it this time. I played it again. But eventually grew tired of it. My brother, that game is his girlfriend.

So I think that’s it. I played games, but I never really found the feeling of fulfillment. I never felt the progress of liking it more. So yeah. I suck at games. I guess.