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Art Journal #10: Flame Yo


I’ve moved passed the airbrushes and tried out a harder and rougher texture. I was really happy with the result! Thank god I saved the brushes I used. I will experiment more until I’m satisfied with the look. The key for controlling the colors is a chiseled eraser which is a default brush in Photoshop. Another development here are the highlights. This is why my past pieces looked dull and dark.

I guess one thing I didn’t really like are the thick outlines (I’ve been trying line arts for a while now and I still have a long way to go!). Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen pieces with outlines but I still have to figure out how they work.

That’s about it. I’ll see you on the next piece!


After School Adventures (PART 1)

To keep the trip alive while on our way to Manila, my friends and I decided to talk about our favorite childhood animated TV series. Back then, nobody knew and cared about the existence of the internet. Everyone was glued on the television and boy, we were contented with the couple of shows that aired on the weekends straight from 8 to 10 in the morning. And if we missed those because of school, that’s okay because by the time our sweaty and stinky ten-year old selves get home, another couple of shows will be aired from 4 to 5:30 pm. And another one for the weekend mornings.

Keep in mind that these are local Filipino-dubbed animated TV shows. I won’t be talking about Disney Channel or Cartoon Network or Animax because not everyone had cable when they were younger. Life was simple back then. It didn’t matter whether we were watching cable or not. As long as it’s not live action, we were cool with it.

So here’s few of my favorite childhood animated TV shows. I won’t be listing down ALL OF THEM. It would take forever if we do that–just the ones that really molded my youth. Here we go:


Dragon Ball Z – This is where my early styles in drawing came from. In fact, this is where every kid’s early styles in drawing came from. Spiky Super Saiyan hair, eyebrows with anger management issues and overly muscular anatomy with the whole character surrounded by an energy field. And always on the same pose as the image below.


Why I loved Dragon Ball Z as a kid is because the characters are so rich, there’s a variety of favorite characters you could choose. You get to see different backgrounds and development from all of them. Of course, I didn’t think that at that time but you get what I mean.

And who could ever forget about the “kame-hame-wave”?

SlamDunk – I just love the art style of this show! There is  something about the realistic anatomy of the characters that made this one of my favorites. One more thing why I loved this show is it kinda gave me a break from all the supernatural universes and took me to this regular school with a bunch of guys playing a regular sport. It’s funny, intense and informative (this is where my basic information in basketball came from). Plus the ending theme song is really catchy.


Flame of Recca – Every guy friend of mine has agreed that the one scene they could never forget is in a tournament, a girl character (Aira) was stripped almost naked by her opponent who was a pervert and had a Freddy Krueger weapon. In the end, she was offered origami pieces of paper as her alternative clothes.


It’s not really my favorite but it stuck with me because you don’t skip cartoons when you’re a kid. That’s why I kinda knew the story pretty well and I used to know all of Recca’s 8 dragons by heart.

Ghost Fighter – It’s not even Ghost Fighter. The anime was actually titled Yu Yu Hakusho and I’m pretty sure it’s not Eugene, Alfred, Dennis, Vincent and Jenny either. Whatever their names were, they have the catchiest anime opening theme. And that’s the only thing I can remember about this show.


Naruto – I’ve talked about this anime in one of my entries. That time, it was my only definition of what a ninja is. And the series after this – Naruto Shippuden, where everyone grew up was one of the most exciting things that happened when I was a kid. Yep, the puberty of anime characters are more exciting than my own.


Voltes V – I think people who belonged to the generation before us would relate more to this show because it was really a thing back on their era. It still aired in my time but not as often as it used to. But the opening theme was sure stuck on head and heart until I grew up.


So I will be stopping here. For now. My drive in writing about this is kinda loosing. This post has been hanging for days and I don’t think I will be able to continue. But there will be part 2. I hope.