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Cutting Down

I deactivated my Twitter and Instagram accounts a few days ago. And the liberating feeling after doing it tempted me to even delete my Facebook account had it not been for the necessity of connections. Although I did unfollow a lot of accounts that did not have any significant importance to me.

I realized that 70% of my life is circled on social media. And knowing my general relationship with social media, it is truly a waste of time. Of course, there have been a few beautiful moments where it has helped me reach out to friends. I have had a few meaningful conversations with important people through the use of these platforms but for sure, I am going to have to find some other ways to reach them.

I decided I needed to focus more on productivity. I want to try out other things that does not require sitting in front of a screen for a long period of time. Or if it did require sitting in front of a screen, I would want it to be fulfilling.

Social media gives you insecurities that you didn’t know you have. A few weeks back, I was looking at photos of friends who were having the time of their lives somewhere in a far off mountainside where the view was absolutely breathtaking. Every month they’d post a picture of what awesome place they’ve been to and every month I’d get that sinking feeling of how I still haven’t gone traveling because that was supposed to be the dream back when I was in college. And I couldn’t feel that I was living the life that I yearned for because I am stuck in the same four corners of the office, doing the same thing every single day. I mean I love the job and my relationship with the people there is more than I can ask but there are other things that you get to long for when you see things in the internet.

It is so easy to say that for an individual to have a fulfilling life, he or she should go traveling. But as I grow older, I realized that traveling is a privilege. It is not something one can achieve right away just because he or she has thought of it. Sometimes, to people who are showered with responsibilities, they would push traveling further down in the list priorities. And that’s okay. If they’re patient enough, there will come a time when the responsibilities are finally crossed out and they’d get to have the time of their life that they’ve always yearned for. I think.

Going back to the talk of social media, I now have a few accounts left. Of course there’s Facebook because it is an easy form of contact to many friends and family members. Plus it gives you a direct update of what is actually happening in the lives of people you know. And Youtube for videos. And also this WordPress account. Just because.

There’s also Tumblr because, well…it is the best source of daily memes. And it has been with me for almost 6 years now. I have experienced, along with the people I follow, a lot of personal growth in this site. This is where my belief in equality and positivity has been forged together with my respect to every living thing. Also the sarcasm and gender fluidity. In this site, you do not get to care about the number of followers you have. You do not get to have that divine status when you acquire a certain number of followers. At least, that’s how it goes in my blog. I mean, Tumblr is a vast and deep website. Sometimes it not just memes, sometimes it’s flower crowns and bohemian outfit and Polaroids. Depends on what your dash looks like.

Anyway, that’s how my life has been going lately.


On This Post About Friendships

You know, this post infuriates me in so many levels.The moment when a friend thinks that you’ve cut them off, that’s it. You’ve literally been a shitty friend. And you just have to fucking apologize and make up for it.

I get this post. I really do. I mean, you can’t expect friends to be around 24/7. But I just hate the fact that people are using this as an excuse to NOT make contact! Like seriously, we live in an age where technology is beautiful and we can talk to anyone in the world whenever we feel like it. Why not use that blessing to reach out to one another?

Also, having “constant contact” does not mean your proving something. It just basically means you care about a person and you want to know if they’re doing okay. It’s like a basic gesture in human relationships.

Why say you miss your friends when you literally had done nothing to fucking reach out? Cmon, it’s friendship! It’s not like you’re making contact with God.

When you have literally cut people off and you’re using this post to save your ass from being an awful friend? Like seriously that is just pathetic. Because if a person truly matters, you’d do everything for them to stick around. You don’t make these bullshit excuses.

should i?

Consider again that tiny green dot on the face of the person you admire most on your facebook profile. You feel something? Of course you did. That remarkable leap on your heartbeat that made your chest escalate a little. That spark. And then you smile as if it’s connected to the rapid beating of the your heart. And just everything’s a blur and the only thing visible to you is the display picture of that person with that tiny green dot indicating that he/she is just a couple of presses on the keyboard away. If you ever had the balls to talk to this person. But you don’t.

And no, it’s not because you’re a girl.

You don’t because, it’s frightening. You could have done it. Anyone could. But the problem is how you would make everything casual. How would you not make things awkward. How would you try not to be uninteresting. How would you prolong the conversation? How would you try not to be weird and creepy? How would you impress that person?

there’s so many things in your mind right now. so many possibilities. but then you get overpowered by fear. and you just stare at that tiny green dot as it disappears on the face of that person you admire most. and that’s it. he/she logs off without ever having the idea that you really fancy them.