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Art Journal #12: Bestfriend Boyle


Just something while watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which by the way, is one of my favorite sitcoms ever and I’m not even done watching it. I will probably talk about it later but for now, hello there. I wasn’t actually planning on doing this but there’s something about mornings that make me really productive. And yes, I didn’t use the style from last time which I said I would *use in my future entries*. But hey, I was just having fun with this one.



God Gave Me U To Show Me What’s Real

It’s like 3 days before the deadline of the Animated Music Video that is a part of our Senior Production this semester. I have only rendered a few scenes. I have yet to animate the last remaining 5 scenes in which I haven’t got any reference of.

3 days.

I should be panicking. Yes, I definitely should. But do you know what I did instead last night? I spent my entire evening exchanging selfies with my friend who also has a midterm exam the following day. And produced this:


Just so you know, I did my friend a favor and inserted that dimple on his cheek.


Close enough.

We spent the entire night fangirling over this nationwide famous loveteam called #AlDub (The combination of the actor named Alden Richards and a recurring character of a noontime show named Yaya Dub) . The funny thing about them is that they didn’t came from an evening soap opera nor they came from a huge box-office film. And no, they didn’t even have any relatable famous lines because they didn’t have any lines at all.

This #AlDub fever came from a segment of a popular noontime show (so popular it reached from Batanes to Jolo…atleast that’s what their opening song said). The loveteam developed inside a split screen with the exchange of dubsmashes between Alden and Yaya has affected me and my friends quite deeply just as much as it has affected most people (including my mom who first introduced them to me and wouldn’t shut up about it every dinner).

I don’t even know why but their love story that was supposed to be used for comedic purposes is so adorable you suddenly find yourself rooting for them. Probably it’s because of their good looks but in the media, good looks are a prerequisite to having a successful loveteam. I’ve seen more than enough good looking pairs but I never had this kind of feels.

Anyway, I should get back to my work. My characters are starting to get pissed.

Oh, the Summer Campers won the 2nd and 3rd Prize plus an Honorable Mention at the 27th Gawad CCP tonight! Yey!