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Art Journal #13: Sly Demon of Death


And a productive weekend to all of you too. I just finished Brooklyn Nine-Nine and would you look at that. I did not have anything else to do–no more series to binge-watch and no more video games to play.

This is Papa Ge from a musical, Once on this Island. The story, which can be appreciated if you put things on perspective, was…okay. But the songs, damn. Those songs really make your ass shake. Plus, Lea Salonga is one of the cast!

Now, moving on to this entry, as you can see it’s not as clean as it’s supposed to. This actually as been a recurring problem. I realized I did not really have the patience of keeping my work clean. It has always been messy and careless, which is not a good idea. You see, there’s this article I read about art and perception. There are times when we get comfortable with making messy art because it’s…art(?) and we don’t really see a problem with it (regarding proportion and lighting and stuff like that).

But that’s where we’re wrong because that’s just our perception speaking. Our brain sort of figures out what the art is supposed to look like. It only registers the form and it fills in the blanks and it tweaks the shading. And the details are completely erased. So one look and we’d think, “Oh it doesn’t look so bad,”. But if you look closely you’d see how careless everything is!

Gah it’s amazing how our brains do their work.


Art Journal #6: Iñigo


I’m back! I know, I know I’m two weeks behind my art journal. But I have been really busy with work and I had to work overtime on the weekends and stuff. Anyway, I’m back now with this random dude I saw on Instagram (not that random he’s like the son of some famous local actor). The fine edges looked awesome. I’ve already worked out the details on clothing. I also liked the contrast of the colors I used.

I guess I still have to practice more on details especially on hair. And the patterns of the background look so simple and boring.

Art Journal #5: Yorkie In Neon


This is a play on details, especially on clothing. As of now, they all look flat as if I’ve just put it in there. I need to find other ways for the details to blend in with the whole character. I did like the streak of light on her shoulders. It’s a good start for fixing my issue on highlights. I wish I put reflections on her glasses.

This is Yorkie from San Junipero, by the way. I just love her character so much and that episode from Black Mirror is one of my favorites. I’ve been watching the series for weeks now but I promise you, I haven’t got carried away with watching TV series and films. So far, I’ve been maintaining the balance between learning and leisure time. And I’m pretty proud of that. See you on the next piece!

Art Journal #4: Funkyness


I had fun playing with colors in this piece. I need more practice on putting efforts on details, though. The style using airbrushes along with an overlaying noise really appealed to me. It really helped blend the shadows and highlights (still working on it! lol)  Plus I just love the over-all texture.

The month is almost over and I shall be studying a different style soon. Cheers!