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Child Story

When I was about four or six–somewhere in that age, I was wandering around the marketplace, hanging around the stalls when I was approached by this woman who sells slippers in her own stall. She asked me about my personal life. She wasn’t a stranger at all. Nobody was, because every store owner knew each other there.

Now, this lady, she was so interested about my life and she was asking a lot of question about my family. Eventually, she started to annoy me as our supposed conversation, like any other conversation between an adult and a child, became an interview. And then I wondered how far our little chat could go if I twist my stories into ridiculous lies.

For a start, I lied about how mom wasn’t really my mom. And that she really my aunt and that my real mom died when I was very young. That’s when the lady’s eyes widened as she straightened her back and craned her neck towards me. That’s also when I felt how good it was when someone is suddenly becomes curious about something you know (even if it was a lie). I felt important. I felt mysterious. I felt powerful over someone begging for information. But before I went on expanding my soap opera life story, my mom came to take me home. And well. The lady asked, as carefully and politely as she could, about all the outrageous stories that I told her. My mom, after giving her a look of confusion and shock, denied them all.

I never knew how my mom explained to her the real story. I doubt the lady ever believed my mom’s version. People tend focus on the intriguing stories and they sort of put aside what is real. Also, I think she was the type to believe in the phrase “Kids don’t lie.”

Now, you may think that I was this psychopath kid who would grow up to be an evil human being about to take over the planet. But I just want to tell you that I felt guilty after that. And I felt guilty all the way home. And I still felt guilty when my mom scolded me and gave a long lecture about honesty. Although, at this very moment I look at it as a funny story, it was very curious how wild I would go to make myself feel high and mighty.


After School Adventures (PART 1)

To keep the trip alive while on our way to Manila, my friends and I decided to talk about our favorite childhood animated TV series. Back then, nobody knew and cared about the existence of the internet. Everyone was glued on the television and boy, we were contented with the couple of shows that aired on the weekends straight from 8 to 10 in the morning. And if we missed those because of school, that’s okay because by the time our sweaty and stinky ten-year old selves get home, another couple of shows will be aired from 4 to 5:30 pm. And another one for the weekend mornings.

Keep in mind that these are local Filipino-dubbed animated TV shows. I won’t be talking about Disney Channel or Cartoon Network or Animax because not everyone had cable when they were younger. Life was simple back then. It didn’t matter whether we were watching cable or not. As long as it’s not live action, we were cool with it.

So here’s few of my favorite childhood animated TV shows. I won’t be listing down ALL OF THEM. It would take forever if we do that–just the ones that really molded my youth. Here we go:


Dragon Ball Z – This is where my early styles in drawing came from. In fact, this is where every kid’s early styles in drawing came from. Spiky Super Saiyan hair, eyebrows with anger management issues and overly muscular anatomy with the whole character surrounded by an energy field. And always on the same pose as the image below.


Why I loved Dragon Ball Z as a kid is because the characters are so rich, there’s a variety of favorite characters you could choose. You get to see different backgrounds and development from all of them. Of course, I didn’t think that at that time but you get what I mean.

And who could ever forget about the “kame-hame-wave”?

SlamDunk – I just love the art style of this show! There is  something about the realistic anatomy of the characters that made this one of my favorites. One more thing why I loved this show is it kinda gave me a break from all the supernatural universes and took me to this regular school with a bunch of guys playing a regular sport. It’s funny, intense and informative (this is where my basic information in basketball came from). Plus the ending theme song is really catchy.


Flame of Recca – Every guy friend of mine has agreed that the one scene they could never forget is in a tournament, a girl character (Aira) was stripped almost naked by her opponent who was a pervert and had a Freddy Krueger weapon. In the end, she was offered origami pieces of paper as her alternative clothes.


It’s not really my favorite but it stuck with me because you don’t skip cartoons when you’re a kid. That’s why I kinda knew the story pretty well and I used to know all of Recca’s 8 dragons by heart.

Ghost Fighter – It’s not even Ghost Fighter. The anime was actually titled Yu Yu Hakusho and I’m pretty sure it’s not Eugene, Alfred, Dennis, Vincent and Jenny either. Whatever their names were, they have the catchiest anime opening theme. And that’s the only thing I can remember about this show.


Naruto – I’ve talked about this anime in one of my entries. That time, it was my only definition of what a ninja is. And the series after this – Naruto Shippuden, where everyone grew up was one of the most exciting things that happened when I was a kid. Yep, the puberty of anime characters are more exciting than my own.


Voltes V – I think people who belonged to the generation before us would relate more to this show because it was really a thing back on their era. It still aired in my time but not as often as it used to. But the opening theme was sure stuck on head and heart until I grew up.


So I will be stopping here. For now. My drive in writing about this is kinda loosing. This post has been hanging for days and I don’t think I will be able to continue. But there will be part 2. I hope.

The Mysterious Girl In A 10 year-old’s Drawing


I was going through my stuff awhile ago and found a scrapbook where I used to post my drawings back when I didn’t have the commitment of owning a sketchpad. I used to draw in every back page of any used paper because my mom told me it’s a waste of paper if I used blank pages. There came a time when I realized I’ve been drawing too much and I was quite fascinated with how awful some of the drawings were so I decided to put it on a scrapbook thus, this particular page I posted above.

When I was in fourth grade, there had been a big talk of this anime called Naruto in my class. It’s been popular mostly to boys because it’s of the action. It’s also popular to girls because of Sasuke. BUT, before anything else, that statement was just my observation in MY class. That does not generalize how girls and boys see things, okay? I just needed to say that because the talk of feminism is hot right now and I myself is a feminist and I want everyone to know that that statement was based in MY observation in MY class and I believe that anyone can love it for whatever reason they have regardless of their gender. Okay?

Okay, moving on.

So this show is about this kid named Naruto who goes to a ninja school and that’s probably the main reason why everyone loved it. I mean c’mon who wouldn’t want to study in a ninja school? In my long experience of school, students, especially kids are not really that excited with Math, Science and English. I mean, sometimes they’re fun but you don’t really see kids wishing, “Oh man, I wish I was in a Math School. Where I get to enhance my fraction skills and I master getting the square root of this and that 24/7. That would be really awesome!” 

Yeesh. Typing these words just gives me chills because, you know, me and Math, we go way back. And I’m telling you, throughout the years we’ve been together, not pretty (See this entry I made to know my feels about it). So yeah, Naruto comes along making every kid jealous of him because he get to study in this really fun and dangerous (because seriously, kids are taught to kill each other) academy and he get to have these weird but cool mentors and all his adventures where he always gets to fight someone and it went on for years. It just had its finale last November, I think.

So yeah, in that year, when I dreamt I myself was a Ninja on training from the hidden leaf village of Konoha, I made a sort-of fanart. I guess I kinda nailed it without using any reference. But there’s this one character that really bothers me because I can not recognize her at all.


Who is she? What is she doing here? I’ve been racking my brains and I still don’t remember what is her purpose in this drawing. Could it be possible that someone deliberately put it in there when I was not looking? Or was I experiencing hallucination like in the movie Oculus where the character doesn’t remember doing a particular thing and she would suddenly get surprised when she realized she had done it?

Or she placed herself in there?

Did she wanted so badly to belong somewhere that she forced herself in a drawing of a 10 year-old? Knowing that she cannot be remembered by the creator, knowing that no matter how hard she try to blend in, she can never be part of this world. Of any world. So she silently swallow the pain. And behind her vacant eyes and sly smile, she pretends she’s part of something.

Christmas Night with The Kids

Yesterday, which was Christmas Day, I spent the entire night at my friend’s place along with few of my friends from childhood. My friend has got an extra bottle of booze from last night’s drink with his sister and he wanted to gather some people to drink it with him. Of course, we became his first option because all of us live in the same town and were just a couple of minutes away from his house. Plus, it’s been a while since the last time our small group hung out.

We talked about a LOT of things. All those years we spent in that small, public elementary school in a town where we lived most of our lives, it was like the ultimate throwback. We talked about the teachers who taught us more about cleaning than their actual lessons. We talked about the most creative role plays we came up with. We talked about the competitions we went. We talked about the embarrassing punishments we faced. We even talked about the people we bullied (yes, I had to admit, I was a bit of a bitch back then).

Relevant story about bullying, we had this classmate and we pestered her for like, her entire 3 years of being in our class and our friend told us that just recently, in a subject in which she was her classmate, that girl that we bullied opened this up to everyone in that class and poured out her bitterness towards all her bullies (which includes us). And our friend told us how awful and awkward it felt to her because everybody knows they were classmates in elementary.

Anyway, before we felt awful of ourselves because of what we have done, she added that, we bullies, became that girl’s inspiration to strive in her life and study harder and all that stuff. So I guess it wasn’t bad at all(?) I mean, I’m not endorsing bullying to motivate everyone to do better in our studies but well…to be honest I don’t really know what to feel about it. I’m just glad that it’s all in the past and we’re not that mean anymore. I hope.

Aside from that we also wondered when is this going to happen again. Because, seriously finding time is getting harder and harder to achieve as we reach our last years in college. But deep down, I guess we’ll manage. We always find ways to reach one another. My sister once told me that she envies us because she don’t see much of her classmates in elementary as often as we do. My mom is also happy that we never changed one bit. Our parents knows every one of us and I think they’re all cool with us as well.

We’ve been friends for more than a decade and seeing ourselves getting all red and tipsy while we talked about our pasts made me think how lucky I am to be friends with these people. I mean, they belong to the longest friendships I ever had. I’ve seen them grow boobs and deepen their voices and achieve some height and change their hair. It was these people who witnessed all the lamest and most shameful decisions I made when I was a kid and it would still be them who would remember them all and laugh at me when they do.

Yep. These were from 6th grade to summer of 2012 to last night. Just look how time flies.


who would have thought we were a bunch of these adorbs?



September 19, 2014

I saw Michael again today after many years. I was out awhile ago because the internet has not been back so once again I had to go to a computer shop (In which I left my account open and god knows what’s going to happen to me). After that, I went to do some errand when somebody called out. And it was him.

“How are you? Still going to school?”

I said yes.

He held out his hand (a gesture indicating I had to pay respect by pressing my forehead to his hand) And then he started talking gibberish again and there’s nothing I could do but nod and say I had to go. Then he told me to take care of myself. I nod again and smiled at him and went on my way.

When I was in elementary school, and there’s no one to pick me up after school, I usually ride home with my friends’ favorite pedicab driver – a guy named Michael who has speech problems, tucks his pants higher than his waist and never forgets to greet an elder. You see, most of the pupils in my school had grown quite affeccionate to him because his behavior is years behind his age and probably his brain is the same age as ours. I guess that’s why he kinda feels connected to us.

Everyday at 4:30 in the afternoon we’d pester him with childish but mean insults. Sometimes he’d even cry to it. But here’s one thing I’m sure of, we never teased him about his condition. And I guess because we were never really bothered by what he is. In some days, especially in a good weather, we’d prefer walking alongside his pedicab while our bags stay on the passenger seat. We’d tease him again by pushing the ride wherein he’d lost control. And then he’d be mad at us. But everything cools down whenever we’d stop by a store to buy some iced candy.

He was never into any trouble, our parents trusted him and we are all friends with him. It’s not like we look forward to him every dismissal, it’s just that after we’re through playing whatever game we could come up with in the school yard, he’s always there. Waiting in his pedicab.

Some Kids, Probably In Love

“___ and ___ sitting on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

first comes love, then comes marriage

then come’s baby in a carriage”

It’s fascinating to realize that this playground song has been sung on the three consecutive films that I’ve recently watched. I don’t doubt it since all of these films are about childhood and friendship and love. I’m having a day off from all this animation and rigging and shit so I had the chance to watch films. 

Little Manhattan


“Love is an ugly, terrible business practiced by fools. It’ll trample your heart and leave you bleeding on the floor. And what does it really get you in the end? Nothing but a few incredible memories that you can’t ever shake. The truth is, there’s gonna be other girls out there. I mean, I hope. But I’m never gonna get another first love. That one is always gonna be her,”

I don’t usually have favorite films but If I ever did have one, I’d consider this to be one of it. It’s a story about young love set in New York City, one of the most familiar places in all films that I have watched. The film is narrated by this little kid named Gabe telling the story of how his world spun around this really pretty girl named Rosemary Telesco. In here, he talked about the awful feelings in the pit of his stomach, the sacrifices he was willing to make just to spend time with the love of his life and the pain that had no name when he got his heart broken for the first time. One reason why I’ve always been into films about young romance is that they’re all so innocent and endearing and does not involve complicated problems that adult romance has. 

Plus, the soundtrack is the best part. It has those songs, where you want to listen to over and over again and let that particular scene where the song was played in the film hang in your head and make your chest feel light and heavy at the same time. That may not make sense but that’s what happens whenever I listen to Where My Rosemary Goes by Freedy Johnston, Love by Matt White and Younger Yesterday by The Meadows.


My Girl


I have been deceived by the trailer! The story does not really revolve around these two kids like the trailer implied. It’s actually just about the little girl, Vada and her issues in her home. The boy, Thomas J. was just a supporting character who follows Vada around and was the only one who listens to her rants.  But the story was good. The ending was not as I was expecting. And Anna Chlumsky is really beautiful. 

Bridge to Terabithia


“She brought you something special when she came here, didn’t she? That’s what you hold onto. That’s how you keep her alive,”

I have almost forgotten about this movie! It’s been years since I last watched this and man, it never failed to leave me in tears. The story is about a boy named Jess who met this imaginative girl named Leslie and they went on with all their adventures in a place they call their Terabithia. It’s a place like any other place you’ve been when you were 12 and still in the stage where you still can’t detach with pretend-games. I’ve read the book when I was younger and I remember how crushing it is to hear Jess’s point of view while he speaks about Leslie in the saddest words Katherine Paterson has to think of.  Okay, should stop right here because I might spill some spoilers. 

Anyway, it’s again played by the same kid from Little Manhattan, only a little older. And Zooey Deschanel is so beautiful. 

So that’s about it. I still have one last film that came with these three but I’d rather put it in another entry because it gave me TOO MUCH feels. And when I said too much, it really was TOO MUCH, because my friends have seen the aftermath the next day.