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Art Journal #14: September Stuff

Here’s some stuff I did last…phew…September. I have a modern day Katara, a character from a Korean Drama (Reply 1988) and some random guy who’s supposed to be Ted Tonks but didn’t feel like it.

Anyway a lot of things happened but I have been doing more work than ever so I didn’t really have that much time writing. No time for writing these days and I’m starting to be okay with that fact.


Art Journal #7: Lines and Guys


I recreated another work. In this piece, I tried using lines. I wanted to achieve a comic-style line art. It was a great idea but I realized the problem I had here is that I used only one kind of thickness. I watched a few tutorials about this and found out that I have to use a variety of thickness in my lines if I wanted to emphasize. This looks a bit…generic and it was as if the lines are just there. There is no depth and there is no life.

Gotta go and fix stuff! See ya!

Someday, Kid.

Ughh cramps. Anyway, yesterday, as the 2nd day of the ADAAF,  we had 5 really awesome speakers talking about their field. And I’m full of inspiration all over again. One of them mentioned about productivity and I was left to thinking, what have I been doing this whole time? Seriously, these people are great artists generous enough to showcase their talents and give us good advice to be better creators.

But there’s one person that struck me most and he’s not even a speaker. We were having a question and answer for the second speaker, when someone came up to the microphone. A kid, probably 14-15 years old. I didn’t really know him because he’s also a visitor from another school. And he was asking something about game development and coding which is really not the field of the 2nd speaker (her field was 3D modeling). I can hear a few people snickering at the back because even though the speaker already told him that that is not her field, he was really pushing the question and is really determined to know the answer. Clearly, he did not have any idea that game development is not just done by one person and that it takes a LOT of people with specialized skills in which they are assigned to different areas and that they have to work together to make the game available to the people. To be honest, I found myself frowning at this little kid.

But despite how stressful his question was, I admired this kid. He is this boy, with fire in his eyes and just wanted to know about coding and shit. He was so fascinated with the speaker’s 3D models that he thought, she might be the one to answer his question. I mean, I don’t blame him that that’s what he thought, because he’s only a high school kid. He didn’t know about all those production processes and game development shit. He just wanted to know. It just so happens he was asking the wrong person. That was just an honest mistake because he didn’t know.

Luckily, our former chairperson spoke up and told this kid that if he wanted to know about game programming he must first value his subjects while he’s still in high school because he’s really going to need it (and yes, he will because some of them are prerequisite of the major subjects).

It made sense. I can see a person with dreams in his heart. I’d like to see this kid grow up to be a game developer. I’d like him to get the answer to his question and actually be an expert with it. I’d like him to reach that dream despite of his classmates covering their faces in shame while everyone else laughs at him.

That would be really cool.