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Yo There 2017

Another year has turned. Anyone can agree that 2016 was not that pretty. I would.

Terrible things happened–Iconic people that changed lives of millions has passed on. A qualified woman has lost to a piece of corn in running a country. Hatred to anyone for their gender and their way of life. My own country, is run by a misogynist and murderous and apathetic government obsessed with scandals and is blindly worshiped by millions. And buzzing behind its ears is a spoiled family of pigs with their noses held high as they force their way to literally changing history and throwing away what my fellow countrymen has died fighting for. And so we won’t ever forget and we won’t ever let the fire die out and we will pass on the truth to our children and their children and their grandchildren’s children. And on and on it shall be engraved in the minds of every Filipino. We will never forget.

That’s only a few of the horrid things this year has brought to us but I am not sharp enough to remember and I am not brave enough to relive them all today.

But as someone from the internet says it, this is not just one new year. This is 7 billion new years to 7 billion people in the planet. And even if all 7 billion people agree that this year was terrible, those terrible things do not really wash away the good and beautiful and make them unimportant. Today we can still remember and celebrate the good. As I would in the next paragraph.

This year I get to graduate which is a great achievement not only for me but also for my parents who crawled their way to support me. And I am on my way to building my dreams for them.

I get to find a job that is closer to home without difficulty. And that job gets to be great and close to what I aspire to be. I get to be surrounded by co-workers who are inspiring not only for their crafts but also for their stories. I get to have a boss who cares for his employees. I still get to keep old friends inside the office to reminisce with me the good old college days whenever I long for it.

And well, this year, I get to have someone who cares about what I want and waits for me whenever I decide what I want and spends meals with me and — a waiter. I’m probably talking about a waiter but I’m telling you he is more than that.

He genuinely cares about people and the environment and he understands how appreciation works and he is not afraid to feel. And well, I am looking forward to seeing him more this year.

Okay, maybe in my mind, I see him running off to the sunset with me and we would live in a cottage far away by the ocean with a dog and a pig and he would impregnate me with beautiful children. And we would live merrily singing songs about love and nature and feasting over hearty meals that I would miraculously learn to cook. But hey, it’s much too early for that. So I’d probably stick to just being overwhelmingly grateful for his existence.

I’ve got a lot to look forward this year. I have plans laid out that I am praying I will get to fulfill before the year ends. This year does not have to be a prosperous one. I think, from the events that we experienced, just a peaceful new year would be enough.


New Year in a Few Hours

I can’t believe that in a few hours, it’s gonna be the turn of another year. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was welcoming 2015 in my life and now I will be saying goodbye to it.

This is the year that I get to be recognized by the people not just from where I am but also from far away places. I get to have the best production teams anyone could possibly have! I get to meet wonderful people that inspired me to do well on my work and I got the chance to explore my field. And right now, I am working my way to graduation which is only a few ways down the road (so fingers crossed on that one).

I’m thankful for the friends who are still in my life from my stinky childhood to my awkward years to the sleepless and caffeinated nights. I hope it’ll still be the same for this coming year. And no, stop telling that we’re all going different ways this year, you cold ass bitch.

What else, Oh I get to speak (even for tiniest bit…like just a tone higher) for my rights and ideals. I know I’m a long way to go to have the courage to actually fight for it, but it’s a good start.

And this year taught me to let go of the things that don’t make me happy. To be honest, I am thankful that I’m starting the year ready to forget all the shitty and toxic stuff and just get on with my life.

Despite the lack of more words to describe it, this year truly was one helluvah ride.

Cheers to everyone!