Nowhere, Kansas

Here’s a 3D model I did a few years ago for my reel. I re-rendered it this year and made a few tweaks on the lighting and depth. It’s inspired from a show in Cartoon Network I used to watch as a kid.


Art Journal #4: Funkyness


I had fun playing with colors in this piece. I need more practice on putting efforts on details, though. The style using airbrushes along with an overlaying noise really appealed to me. It really helped blend the shadows and highlights (still working on it! lol)  Plus I just love the over-all texture.

The month is almost over and I shall be studying a different style soon. Cheers!


Daily Prompt : Horizon

Dammit I forgot to take a picture! Right so the sun finally came up yesterday. It has been pouring for the past few weeks. It was not really easy for everyone since the weather caused terrible flooding in the city (I missed one work day because of that!).

Yesterday, I having a discussion with C whether or not he’d take me home. I didn’t have a problem with someone taking me home. I was thinking about the mode of transport we’ll be using–which was his motorcycle. Sure it’s fun on a summer day but trust me, it’s not really convenient on a wet, slippery pavement with the cold, strong wind rushing past you.

But we ended up using it. Halfway home, which was 4 miles from the city, you get to pass this highway in the middle of the rice fields. And the moment we got there, the dark clouds disappeared, finally revealing the afternoon sun. The sky went from gray to a light sky blue in just a matter of seconds. The sunlight trickled through the leaves of the trees and spread through the fields.

The colors of the horizon complemented so well you’d think you’re in a finale of a film. And you can almost hear this song at a distance.

What a perfect day for a motorcycle ride.


Art Journal #3: Animation Student Essentials

I took a break from drawing today. I made a graphic design piece by applying a tutorial that involved using grains as texture. I did like the result and I was planning on applying that same technique to my illustrations but the problem with using effects like grain is it really makes the file size bigger. So I guess I’m going to have to stick to my old process. Unless I find another way.


This is based on my own experience as an animation student. And let me tell you that college was probably one of the best years of my life(see the stories in this blog).

Art Journal #2: Cleaner Edges Yey!

So I finally found a way to make my edges cleaner and my shadows slightly more faded than my previous piece. In this short comic I made about Marius and Eponine from Les Miserables, I made a slight change in my process.

First, instead of using chalk brushes for my base, I used a texture-less brush. That way it would create an edge that is flat and clean. Second, in order for my shadows to look less edgy, I used airbrush to create that fading effect. Third, I used masking so that the shadows would follow the edge of the base. As you can see, I removed the chalk brushes completely for this technique and I’m quite happy with the result.

I’m still working on the highlights. Also, another problem here is the details. I guess it comes to my excitement to finish the work. I didn’t want to hold the project any longer because I’m worried I wouldn’t finish it. You’ll see in the hands that I made a rush on doing the details. Same reason why I didn’t put an environment for this scene so it looked more like a doodle.


But I did love making this. I love the idea that at some point, Eponine probably got dragged by Marius to stalk Cossette. You know, cause she’s such a bro to him and stuff lol. And she was like more annoyed than hurt that she’s at someone else’s property spying on a girl when she could be somewhere else, drinking and having the time of her life. But at least, it’s better to actually be with this idiot instead of being, you know…on her own, pretending he’s beside her.

Art Journal #1: ‘Ponine


Trying to get used to sketching digitally. I used to do my character’s sketch on paper, photograph it and THEN color it on photoshop. It works, but it takes too much time and effort. This is Lea Salonga as Eponine by the way. I would have wanted to draw it semi-realistically, like my past drawings but I think the chalk texture would work better on a cartoony style(?) Plus I haven’t been making cartoon-y figures since forever so this is a good practice.

Speaking of chalk texture, yeah, I kind of wanted use it this month. I’m yet not satisfied by the edges. It looks messy and unfinished. The shading also needs improvement–the shadows look solid despite of the opacity being lessened to 20%. Plus the highlights does not seem that noticeable.

I guess that’s about it. I will practice more and take notes on stuff I need to work on. Yey. Also, I’m late for work so gotta go.



When I say this is probably one of the funniest romantic-comedy anime series out there and you disagree because you believe that there are much more funnier anime series than this, it only means that I do not watch that much anime. Please forgive me.

There are a lot of series that I have yet to watch so we all just have to wait until I could give a proper verdict. For now, this is all I have. But I did something from it so it’s something to celebrate! Yey!