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I remember this one time, when we were young, I had this HUGE fight with my sister. We were arguing which one should be playing Sam in a role playing game of Totally Spies. If you happen to be a person my age, you’d probably understand how critical it is that the role of Sam is to be fought for. And if you’re not a person my age, then let me explain to you what’s the big deal about this.

There was a cartoon series in Disney Channel about this three high school girls who work for this sort of secret agency as spies to save the world. There’s Clover, who wears the red catsuit and she likes shopping and boys; there’s Alex, who wears the yellow catsuit and she’s the best friend and she talks a lot about emotions and things like that. And then there’s Sam, who is the brain of the group and who’s usually the one who gets them out of trouble. She wears the green catsuit.

By that short description of the characters, we get to picture which one shall shine in saving the day and be the real hero of that role playing game. So yeah,  I don’t really remember who got the part. Although I DO remember our mom sending us out because we were causing too much noise and our brother then was still a baby.

Anyway, thinking about this short scene from my life, I realized that how we want our lives to be is reflected on the preferences of the things we see in media. Like for example, in Sam’s case, my sister and I knew that Sam is a favorable character because she’s intelligent and responsible and that is how we see a ideal grown-up. And that is how we want ourselves to be when we grow up. Because we knew that deep down being intelligent and responsible is a good thing. And that is the start of how we define the things that we prefer in the mainstream.

In some cases, people open our eyes through their powers of passion and persuasion. And they just make you believe that that certain thing is a good thing even though it hasn’t really done you anything and then you just create something out of it just so you can say to yourself that that particular thing has made a difference in your life.

Things that are popular to the society is hard to avoid because well, it’s everywhere. And we can’t help but learn a little bit about it everyday even if we don’t really plan until we understand what it is and we see no problem in liking it. And then you relate that thing to your life and it suddenly makes sense and you live through that kind of mindset.

When something becomes popular, we start to get different opinions from people. And the sense of community is felt when people has the same interests as yours. And I think that’s a good thing because we get to open a lot of doors from peoples preferences.

To be honest, I don’t really know much about philosophy. I mean I do recall some names and terms from here and there. But I just don’t have the knowledge to confidently stitch these up to open more. But I believe that it is important. Human beings has this fascinating storage where we keep a LOT of things. Some we may not even know we have. And I think that philosophy is a good exercise to understand what we are capable of.