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Love and Movement

Daily Prompt: Courage

February 14 was an important day. Nope, it’s not because it’s Valentines Day (although C and I managed to scrape a few minutes during lunch time. We were both drowned in our own deadlines that day). And it’s not because it’s also Ash Wednesday. I did something and it’s one of the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I spoke about women and human rights and how wrong rape culture is.

There’s this thing in the office that we do twice a week wherein someone from the team gets to pick a topic they’re interested in or passionate about. Then, they would discuss it in front of the whole office. After that, the audience gets to share or ask questions. It’s like a typical show and tell except we don’t get grades from it. Personally, it’s really fun because you can really tell a lot about a person from the topics he/she chooses.

So I was assigned to discuss that day. Well at first, I was having second thoughts because I was clouded with doubt. What if people wouldn’t get me? What if they judge me for being too angry about stuff? What if they accuse me of hating men too much? What if they shake their heads in disagreement? What if someone from the crowd asks a question and I wouldn’t know the answer to? But the need of speaking about it was stronger than these doubts so on Sunday night (I was due to report on Wednesday), I was doing research and making notes. There was no turning back.

When I spoke in that room, I was so determined of making people understand what women go through everyday. I even shared my own experiences as a woman in the society and how I was treated because of it. I also made sure that my discussion won’t be female-centered because I wanted to invite the male population. I was careful with my words and avoided saying things that might offend them (and men get offended by everything). Which means not pointing out the things that they are but the things they are “programmed” to be–so as to not sound as if I was blaming them.

Okay since the world is full of political arguments these days, here’s a quick tip on how to let yourself be heard by someone from the opposing side–forget the facts and empathize. Sure, facts are facts but are they willing to acknowledge them? No. So, there’s really no use of listing down all the things they are wrong about. They won’t listen. People will believe what they want to believe. Here’s what you should do–you talk in their language and speak about the stuff that they understand. Reach out and listen. Yes actually LISTEN to them no matter how bullshit their facts are. Because only then, you get to understand why they think that way. You listen to the things they care about and that’s when you explain how their beliefs will endanger these things. Don’t mock them or be mad at them. These things will only make things worse. And even if, in the end they don’t listen, give them time and retain that respect.. Remember, before all these you yourself were also ignorant of these views and you were also as apathetic as they are. So be patient and empathize.

Now back to where I was, even though my audience was small (not more than 25 people), the whole thing was an accomplishment. I was so happy that people were asking questions and making arguments. Some women from the crowd were even sharing their own stories! They were all talking about it and that was enough for me.

Ever since I’ve been awoken about how wrong women are treated in the society (despite people saying both genders are now equal because women are allowed to vote blargh), I cannot help but be vocal about it. I cannot help but insert it on conversations among friends. And just seeing how my friends are influenced by these beliefs was already fulfilling for me.

But having to spread the awareness to my colleagues? That was beyond everything that I’ve been doing for the past years. I wasn’t just inserting points to them in a conversation. I wasn’t just making sarcasm about how women are treated. I wasn’t just rolling my eyes and expressing disagreement on how the world works. I was actually conducting a proper discussion about the whole thing–with prepared PowerPoint slides and notes and sample videos to back up my statements!

I would never know if that tiny thing I did was enough to sink into the minds of everyone in that room. But I was lucky enough to get my voice out there.



Daily Prompt : Horizon

Dammit I forgot to take a picture! Right so the sun finally came up yesterday. It has been pouring for the past few weeks. It was not really easy for everyone since the weather caused terrible flooding in the city (I missed one work day because of that!).

Yesterday, I having a discussion with C whether or not he’d take me home. I didn’t have a problem with someone taking me home. I was thinking about the mode of transport we’ll be using–which was his motorcycle. Sure it’s fun on a summer day but trust me, it’s not really convenient on a wet, slippery pavement with the cold, strong wind rushing past you.

But we ended up using it. Halfway home, which was 4 miles from the city, you get to pass this highway in the middle of the rice fields. And the moment we got there, the dark clouds disappeared, finally revealing the afternoon sun. The sky went from gray to a light sky blue in just a matter of seconds. The sunlight trickled through the leaves of the trees and spread through the fields.

The colors of the horizon complemented so well you’d think you’re in a finale of a film. And you can almost hear this song at a distance.

What a perfect day for a motorcycle ride.


Rhymes and Reasons

Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo

My parents gave so much influence when comes to music taste when I was growing up. They had such great songs in their playlists that I just cannot let go even when I hit my teenage years. The genre that they have are mostly rock–rock and roll, soft rock, country rock and folk rock. And sometime these genres usually shift to just country, folk and ballads.

Let’s start when I was an infant. I don’t remember this anymore, but my mom always told me that when I was a baby it was John Denver  who put me to sleep. And when we were kids, my dad bought this DVD of John Denver’s wildlife concert and we would play it every time and that’s how we grew up singing along to his songs.

Of course, our family didn’t escape from The Beatles mania so there’s no need for explaining why we love them. And every New Year’s Eve, we would play these two artists and wait until it’s 12 midnight.

There are other artists too that has affected my music taste and some are even in my own playlist:

  1. The Eagles (which is my dad’s all time favorite band)
  2. Simon and Garfunkel
  3. The Carpenters
  4. Bread
  5. Dan Fogelberg
  6. Peter Paul and Mary
  7. James Taylor
  8. Everly Brothers
  9. Air Supply
  10. Queen

I’m just gonna limit this list to 10 but I’m telling you, there’s a LOT more. And I love that my parents brought me up to the songs they love. It’s like passing something onto me and my siblings and I have a feeling that I might even pass this on to my kids someday. I love the feeling that there is something that unites us not just because our blood is related or that we have lived together for a long time. It’s something that connects us through rhythm and lyrics and our love for a certain artist.

Can’t It be A Bit Sooner?

Daily Prompt: Too Soon?

You know what’s weird? The title of this prompt (which was posted last October 4, 2015) is the same as the title I had on a particular entry last year, October 4, 2014. If you don’t believe me, you can check the date here and tell me this is not weird.

And no, I’m not even gonna talk about what the fuck was I talking about that time because…no I’m just not gonna talk about it.

Moving on to the actual topic of this entry, there are moments in our life that we get clouded with hilarity and fun that we forget the other stuff. The stuff that we only get to realize when the laughter dies down and someone starts to secretly hate you for being insensitive and immature. So when do we really cross the line? When does being funny starts to become being an asshole? And when does enjoyment starts to become completely and utterly wrong?

I guess it’s all about knowing if we undermine other people with these types of jokes. It is when we start to criticize and isolate them for who they are as a form of entertainment and past time for everyone.

And sometimes, when someone tries to speak up for being offended, people usually say “It’s just a joke,” as an excuse. And they would turn the thing around and say that that person is such a bitch for ruining everyone’s great time.

But no one is a perfect comedian and every once in a while, we get to hurt someone’s feelings for being too excited to make everyone else laugh. The important thing is we apologize–and I don’t mean just saying “sorry” and saying something in your defense. Apologize in a way that you are actually taking responsibility of what you did.

I am still weirded out from the title of this prompt. Why u testing me this much?

The Purely Written Medium

Daily Post: It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World

“Let’s talk about this in person.”

Probably it’s because it’s more convenient to talk in person without typing shit and all that but can’t we talk here? Right now? I mean, don’t you think that it reduces the excitement and the burst of emotions if we still wait for another day that we can personally meet and talk about it? Think about it, there is a correlation between the length of time before you talk about a juicy subject and the intensity of wanting to talk about it.

It might not be true to everyone, but in my experience of real talks and late-night conversations it’s not arguable.

But in my world, the people I’ve talked to usually prefer talking in person because according to them, it’s easier to say the things that they wanted to say. That’s why, I think, they risk that perfect moment for a good conversation and save it for another day when they can tell me in person. And that is how they reach out to me.

Well, I think that I have a different view regarding this situation. You see, I tend to talk more in online messages than in real life. I don’t know if it’s because chatting requires a lot of activities like typing and thinking and revising some shit if it sounds off or because I’m just too awkward to say something to someone after a long shit I just heard from them in person.

To be honest, I prefer the written medium when it comes to reaching out because I can organize what I needed to say. I’m more confident and the face of who you’re talking to doesn’t distract you. Plus, I don’t need to panic and it’s gives me time to think what I really want to say. I still think it’s as genuine as it is when you personally say it even if it’s been edited out because I know that it came from my heart and that’s how exactly I want to say it.

The Fuck Did I Just Say?

Daily Prompt: I Want To Know What Love Is

I just realized that most of the time I talked about how I love certain things but never about the concept of love itself. No, I don’t avoid it. To be honest, the idea of love is not something I usually think about.

Okay, maybe I did think of making an entry about love at one point but I think I brushed it off immediately. I just feel like there’s this one whole universe living inside this four-letter word and I think one entry is just not enough to explore it.

But here we are in this writing prompt. I mean, I could just skip this whole thing but what the hell.

I believe that love is what makes us human beings tolerable to live with. I mean, we live among the meanest and the cruelest and the most broken beings of the universe. Every day we hear awful news about people capable of hurting and destroying one another yet we still smile at that butcher in the market even if he’s capable of skinning us alive. We still offer that lady a seat even if she might stab us when we turn around. We still lull that baby to sleep even if he might grow up to destroy the world.

We still care about that person and we still make sure that they have everything that they desire even if, those things might destroy you or that person might leave you someday.

I think love, in its many varieties, is overlooking rationality and all the awful possibilities that might happen for the sake of that person or thing. It’s paying attention to their needs and dreams. It’s compassion and sometimes the root of our courage. It’s making sacrifices that might hurt a lot at first but then you’ll realize how satisfying it is when you see the outcome.

At this point, my idea of love is still as blurry as ever. Unless I was Google, I can’t really define it. But we all have felt it at some point of our lives and I think that’s just enough for us to understand what it is.

Wait What

Daily Prompt: Waiting Room

Being a big fan of Doctor Who, the concept waiting has given positive views to my perspective in life. Like it’s some kind of a virtue to be willing to wait for something or someone even if it takes for, let’s say, a 1,000 years like the last centurion who guarded the pandrica’s box (Oh, Rory I wish you were my boyfriend). The character of Amy Pond was given the title of “the girl who waited” because of her patience and endurance when it comes to waiting for the doctor.

And with that, this show has shown me the nobility of waiting and how important it is that we, human beings, need to understand the concept of staying put and trusting that something or someone to do things their way for the good of everything. It’s all about trust. It’s the make and break of trust. That’s the reason why, sometimes, when things don’t happen the same way we expect it to and we’re not happy about it, despite how long we have been waiting, we feel the sense of betrayal.

That’s why, we also have to understand that sometimes, we don’t have to sit around and do nothing when we can actually get up and change the rest of our lives. When we feel that things are not right anymore, we have to take a step back and look at how our lives went after all that waiting. And if there is really something wrong, we need to do something about it.