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Blog Assignment #5: ¿Que pasa contigo?

Movie 43 is the weirdest film I’ve watched ever since The Cicerones. Well at least The Cicerones has a plot and it was going somewhere. Even though it ended right in the middle of the climax. And it was a horror movie. It was expected to be weird to creep the audience out. Which is effective by the way because it really did creep me out.

Anyway, Movie 43. Movie 43. Movie 43. MOVIE 43. (lol i just wanna fill ma blog. I feel this is going to be short so I did this)

Ok Movie 43. (i did it again.ok.i should stop)

This movie does not make any sense. I tried to make interpretations of it thinking that the film was a metaphor and that it was teaching me a lesson of some sort. But how can you even understand and make an idea out of testicles dangling on Hugh Jackman’s neck.

That is just disturbing, ok? Everything was disturbing. Anna Faris asking her boyfriend to poop on her.Yes, poop on her. Vending and Photocopying machines with depressed kids inside them. IBabe, basically an MP3 player in a replica of a naked woman. Russel Crow Leprechaun. Pets with hidden desire towards their owners. Chloe Moretz on her first period (well at least it was funny). Extreme Truth or Dare with Halle Berry. Emma Stone as Veronica. Racist coach.

I just…I just can’t. I think maybe the actors (and not just any set of actors. They’re big actors. Like Hollywood famous actors) playing for this movie has nothing to do with their time at that moment and they decided to be a part of the film for fun. I can imagine them laughing their asses of as everyone makes a big deal about the movie. As expected it was given low ratings.

tumblr_mrunjzSP8G1rvjfbxo1_500I’m sorry. But I really have to insert this picture in case you weren’t convinced when I said it was really weird.


Blog Assignment #4: Codex Is Not Impressed With Zaboo

I was never really into the online gaming world. I mean, I did play some games but I got entertained for only a short moment. After that, I rarely considered playing it again.Playing these games were not really something I would dedicate my free time on. For me it’s a big waste of time, I don’t really see the point of it. Oh god, Gamers are so going to massacre me right now.

But I did play some games back when was younger. The earliest memory I had when it came to playing online games is when I was 12.

And I was playing GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.

Yeah, not really a suitable game for that age, but what the hell. Almost every kind in our neighborhood plays them. I liked it. It sort of had this creative theme you know, being the bad guy. Beating up the police officers and the prostitutes. Stealing cars. Following orders from this Boss of yours (Although I never really took the missions seriously because I was too busy being what a criminal should be).

After I got bored with it, I started playing Pokemon and Harvest Moon when I was 14. I played these two almost at the same era. What I loved about these two is that it’s really friendly. Even though they had a low, Nintedo Gameboy quality. It’s so simple yet entertaining. I made it to two years in Harvest Moon. I was married to “the girl of my dreams” and we had a baby. But it was only for awhile because some idiot deleted it. And I don’t want to start over. So I didn’t play anymore.

After that tragic game ending, my friend, the one who recommended Pokemon and Harvest Moon to me, felt sorry for me. She then, recommended Rune Factory to me. It’s almost the same as Harvest Moon only with higher quality. But it didn’t last because that was the era of my Doctor Who addiction. And there was nothing to distract myself from it.

But there were moments when Doctor Who and other TV shows have this hiatus and sometimes I am left with nothing to do. So I bought a game and It called Resident Evil 5. I have this friend who’s addicted to Zombies and Games and she recommended it to me. I was really turned on by the quality but the game is really hard. And I kept on dying. And I kept on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. And I got bored. So I didn’t finish it. Man, I was almost at the end.

The latest game I played is Left 4 Dead. I finished it this time. I played it again. But eventually grew tired of it. My brother, that game is his girlfriend.

So I think that’s it. I played games, but I never really found the feeling of fulfillment. I never felt the progress of liking it more. So yeah. I suck at games. I guess.

Blog Assignment #3 – Let’s Find Rory

There are this list of stereotypical standards that define how physically attractive a person can be and I have to say I would agree to some of them. But there are some people who are just devastated with these standards because these people make a greater deal with what’s on the inside. You know, chivalry, decency, kindness, compassion…things like those.

But I really want to be honest here. So I want to say some things about incredibly attractive people. I usually see them on films and music videos and magazines. They’re like those people that every gender either love or envy. They have this asset that everybody looks out for with the way they would stand out in the crowd. And I’d say they’re really more preferable than any other person in the room.

And then…AND THEN. There are these people. People who hide on the silhouette of these “beautiful” people and just be part of the admirers. People who could be anyone–family, friends, any of those people you see everyday. I’m saying those people who looked ordinary in the first moments with them and gradually, as your relationship starts to get deeper, you’ll experience a whole different kind of beauty. And you see their look, it’s just..better.

The beauty that probably grew as you know more of him/her everyday or the beauty that has always been there from the very beginning. It was just too stupid of you to not notice. That’s the wonderful thing about this type of beauty. It’s like falling asleep. Slowly at first, then all at once (lol John Green reference).

I want you to look for these types of beauty. Because damn it, they’re rare and you really got to get deeper with the person to see it. It’s not something you can see from the corner of your eye or you glance at and identify it in an instance. It takes time.

And once you found it. That would probably be one of the best feelings in the world.

Blog Assignment #2: A sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

What I love about remembering good memories is that you don’t have to go back in time to feel it again. The mere fact of just thinking about them, just reminiscing that wonderful moments of your life is beautiful because you get something out of it even though it’s just all in the mind. And whatever strong emotion you felt when you remember, that makes the whole thing special because you know for a fact that each particular memory is different from another and they all had this specific order of events that resulted to the happiest moments of your life.

This is one of my favorite feelings in world because it either makes you happy or sad. Happy, because it happened or sad, because it probably won’t be happening again. 

Almost two years ago,I had this circle of friends that is composed of the grooviest and the most enthusiastic and passionate people that I know of. We would think about Purgative effects of Makahiya plant on dogs. We would sing about voodoo children. And all those talks about the universe, about attractive men belonging to bands, about mad men stealing flying boxes, about sexy fictional characters. Almost all the weird topics I could think of. I’m kinda been longing for those moments. Especially now I’m getting busier and busier eveyday and I’m afraid I won’t be having time on those things. I haven’t seen them for a while, but I’m betting they’re just there admiring their own existence, just like me. But most probably dreaming of me, because I’m the sexiest in the group (and yes, person who belongs to that circle of friends I’m talking about, I know you’re reading this, and I just heard you snorted, but there’s nothing you can do because I’m free to say whatever I want. This is the best homework ever. Talk to you soon.).

These memories are so powerful that they either tempts you on staying on the same place because we are comfortable with it and we don’t want to change it because we are already happy with it or motivates us on moving forward and hunting for other good memories and making them part of us being human.

Blog Assigment #1: TV Show Mojos

I rubbed my eyes and realize I’ve been watching the third season of Supernatural for the whole six hours. I’m almost at the last episode and the sockets of my eyes are starting to hurt. I could just stop, I would…and yes, I should..but I don’t think I can. There’s only two episodes left and I’m just starting to uncover the answer to the mysteries I’ve been coming up theories with for the last two weeks. I can’t stop now!

Practically speaking, watching Supernatural or any other series (Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, HIMYM, etc.) does not have any much use in my life. It does not even reach the first step in the hierarchy of needs. It’s basically pointless. But the usefulness of something don’t always guarantee that you will love it nor the pointlessness of it requires you to hate it and make it more pointless. My point is, when it comes to loving something, you don’t go after its utility. You love something because…well, you love it.

And what could be the reason how the sofa has a Kryptonian gravitational pull of its own that my whole body refuses to even sit up? I’ve got a lot of reasons, but I’ll just give the two most relevant.First, there’s the actors. These actors have portrayed the part really well that I don’t think any one is capable of replacing them. Except of course for the Doctor in Doctor Who because he regenerates every three seasons and requires different actors to retain its continuity. Also, I find the actors really attractive. And by actors, i mean including the women. Especially the women of Supernatural. My femininity is being tested everytime I watch an episode. And everytime I do, there would always be a fine line between envy and desire. Let me give you some example:

  • Jensen Ackles’ stockiness
  • Jared Padalecki’s height
  • David Tennant’s sexy sideburns
  • Karen Gillan’s Scottish legs
  • Sophie Turner’s charm
  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s fish face

I could go on forever but I won’t be able to talk about the second reason why I love watching these shows which is–The Stories. The stories are the best because it leads you to sympathize with the character in the midst of his dilemma no matter how fictional it is. Tragic stories–they’re the best (and the worst). They’re the stories that crushes your soul real hard that you’ll be left with nothing but misery and resentment. But that makes the show special. That painful mark it leaves to every heart that is reminding us that it’s a good show.

So I guess that is probably it. The shows that take my mind out of control. The shows that don’t do much with my life but it is a part of it and it keeps me out of the zombiefied moments.

so yeah. -_-