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i write stuff from my life. i also draw things.and color them sometimes. i watch a lot of things. and listen to a lot of things.

Art Journal #8: Sky


My first piece this month. Man, I’m been really busy last February. But here we are. I recycled my old sketches again and in this one, I tried this technique called Chromatic Aberration. It’s not as fancy as it sounds, it just means that you move the channels a little bit so it creates this really cool, distorted look. Anyway, it’s a quick art. I’ll come back for more.


Art Journal #7: Lines and Guys


I recreated another work. In this piece, I tried using lines. I wanted to achieve a comic-style line art. It was a great idea but I realized the problem I had here is that I used only one kind of thickness. I watched a few tutorials about this and found out that I have to use a variety of thickness in my lines if I wanted to emphasize. This looks a bit…generic and it was as if the lines are just there. There is no depth and there is no life.

Gotta go and fix stuff! See ya!

Art Journal #6: Iñigo


I’m back! I know, I know I’m two weeks behind my art journal. But I have been really busy with work and I had to work overtime on the weekends and stuff. Anyway, I’m back now with this random dude I saw on Instagram (not that random he’s like the son of some famous local actor). The fine edges looked awesome. I’ve already worked out the details on clothing. I also liked the contrast of the colors I used.

I guess I still have to practice more on details especially on hair. And the patterns of the background look so simple and boring.

Love and Movement

Daily Prompt: Courage

February 14 was an important day. Nope, it’s not because it’s Valentines Day (although C and I managed to scrape a few minutes during lunch time. We were both drowned in our own deadlines that day). And it’s not because it’s also Ash Wednesday. I did something and it’s one of the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I spoke about women and human rights and how wrong rape culture is.

There’s this thing in the office that we do twice a week wherein someone from the team gets to pick a topic they’re interested in or passionate about. Then, they would discuss it in front of the whole office. After that, the audience gets to share or ask questions. It’s like a typical show and tell except we don’t get grades from it. Personally, it’s really fun because you can really tell a lot about a person from the topics he/she chooses.

So I was assigned to discuss that day. Well at first, I was having second thoughts because I was clouded with doubt. What if people wouldn’t get me? What if they judge me for being too angry about stuff? What if they accuse me of hating men too much? What if they shake their heads in disagreement? What if someone from the crowd asks a question and I wouldn’t know the answer to? But the need of speaking about it was stronger than these doubts so on Sunday night (I was due to report on Wednesday), I was doing research and making notes. There was no turning back.

When I spoke in that room, I was so determined of making people understand what women go through everyday. I even shared my own experiences as a woman in the society and how I was treated because of it. I also made sure that my discussion won’t be female-centered because I wanted to invite the male population. I was careful with my words and avoided saying things that might offend them (and men get offended by everything). Which means not pointing out the things that they are but the things they are “programmed” to be–so as to not sound as if I was blaming them.

Okay since the world is full of political arguments these days, here’s a quick tip on how to let yourself be heard by someone from the opposing side–forget the facts and empathize. Sure, facts are facts but are they willing to acknowledge them? No. So, there’s really no use of listing down all the things they are wrong about. They won’t listen. People will believe what they want to believe. Here’s what you should do–you talk in their language and speak about the stuff that they understand. Reach out and listen. Yes actually LISTEN to them no matter how bullshit their facts are. Because only then, you get to understand why they think that way. You listen to the things they care about and that’s when you explain how their beliefs will endanger these things. Don’t mock them or be mad at them. These things will only make things worse. And even if, in the end they don’t listen, give them time and retain that respect.. Remember, before all these you yourself were also ignorant of these views and you were also as apathetic as they are. So be patient and empathize.

Now back to where I was, even though my audience was small (not more than 25 people), the whole thing was an accomplishment. I was so happy that people were asking questions and making arguments. Some women from the crowd were even sharing their own stories! They were all talking about it and that was enough for me.

Ever since I’ve been awoken about how wrong women are treated in the society (despite people saying both genders are now equal because women are allowed to vote blargh), I cannot help but be vocal about it. I cannot help but insert it on conversations among friends. And just seeing how my friends are influenced by these beliefs was already fulfilling for me.

But having to spread the awareness to my colleagues? That was beyond everything that I’ve been doing for the past years. I wasn’t just inserting points to them in a conversation. I wasn’t just making sarcasm about how women are treated. I wasn’t just rolling my eyes and expressing disagreement on how the world works. I was actually conducting a proper discussion about the whole thing–with prepared PowerPoint slides and notes and sample videos to back up my statements!

I would never know if that tiny thing I did was enough to sink into the minds of everyone in that room. But I was lucky enough to get my voice out there.

Fun Like The Wilderpeople

I was never a patient photographer. Sure, I take photos but I take photos when it’s convenient to take photos. I can never go about my current activity walking around with a camera or a selfie stick in my hand. That’s just too much inconvenience and it interferes with living the moment, you know.

2018-01-22 08.11.21 1.jpg

Our hike was supposed to start earlier (so that it wouldn’t be too hot to hike) but everyone came later than the supposed meeting time. It didn’t really matter though, because when we got there, the trees were blocking the sunlight. And that people, is why we don’t cut trees down especially in a busy city. I am so mad right now.

To expand on this thought, I would like to talk about the hiking experience I’ve had a few weeks ago with my co-workers. Now, we were a bunch of people who make a living by sitting in front of a computer all day. So you can all just imagine the grueling experience of the whole group. In the first part of the hike, which was just walking along a steep muddy trail, I thought my lungs would explode. I didn’t show this exhaustion to the rest of the group, though. That would just make the others acknowledge how tiring it is, which would make my pain real, which would result to the whole hike being more difficult. You get what I mean? Sometimes, it’s really all in the mind.

Despite all that, it turned out I like hiking. I’ve already talked about how much I love walking in my old entries. But there is something about having to use every part of your body to get to the end. And that’s another thing with hiking–you’re not just wandering about. There’s actually an end goal to it and usually that end is worth all the hours of exhaustion (like the top of a mountain or in our case, this HUGE waterfall!)

2018-01-22 08.11.16 1.jpg

Yup. This waterfall. Omygod that thing is super high and we weren’t able to swim there because the water was so cold. And even if we were just marveling it’s beauty, we got super soaked because it’s pressure was super strong—water was spraying all over.

Because of this excitement in hiking, our group was divided into two. The first group, which I was a part of, was consisted of three people and was ahead of everyone else. The rest of us got sort of, left behind. It wasn’t a good idea especially we were in the middle of the forest. But hey, if anyone here thinks we’re these assholes who leave people behind for the sake of self-survival, that’s just judging too much. They were not even on the verge of death. They’re just experiencing a difficult situation but they’re FINE. There’s no inbreeding family of cannibals coming to eat them! There’s a reason why the whole place is open for hiking–there’s nothing wrong with it! They’re okay. Plus there is this thing that happens in the body when you’ve been doing this great effort for a while and you stop for a rest–You suddenly feel the exhaustion dialing up to 10x! So we couldn’t really stop. But I guess I can’t win in this argument (between me and those voices in my head) Fine, it was wrong to go ahead and not wait up for the others.

I’ve always believed that there’s no reason to be afraid of the forest. As long as you know how to respect nature, nature will take care of you. You see, I’m a believer of nature spirits. I grew up knowing my place in areas like the forest or even certain corners on the street. So don’t you go picking up and throwing rocks or wandering off-trail or pointing at trees. Always ask permission when you have to take a piss or when you’re just passing through. Because I’m telling you, there have been many times that I got into trouble for crossing a territory of people we don’t see.

Anyway, back to whole photography thing. Another reason why my hike took a little quicker was because I was not carrying a camera with me. I was deep in focus with reaching the destination I did not have time to stop and take pictures. To me it ruins the whole experience. Like, instead of devouring that wonderful view in front of you, you are looking through the lens or the screen. You’re too busy considering the angles, the lighting and the composition when the composition itself surrounds you. You’re too busy capturing the moment, you forget to live it (as some internet post would say).

But hey, I do not condemn photographers or my friends who are enthusiasts on the subject matter. In fact, I’m thankful for their craft because how else would I get a good photo of myself had they not been that interested in taking photos? How else would I give you all the vivid details to the adventures I’ve been part of had these photos been nonexistent?

2018-01-22 08.11.14 1.jpg

And that is why, I’ve only managed to take three photos that day.

Art Journal #5: Yorkie In Neon


This is a play on details, especially on clothing. As of now, they all look flat as if I’ve just put it in there. I need to find other ways for the details to blend in with the whole character. I did like the streak of light on her shoulders. It’s a good start for fixing my issue on highlights. I wish I put reflections on her glasses.

This is Yorkie from San Junipero, by the way. I just love her character so much and that episode from Black Mirror is one of my favorites. I’ve been watching the series for weeks now but I promise you, I haven’t got carried away with watching TV series and films. So far, I’ve been maintaining the balance between learning and leisure time. And I’m pretty proud of that. See you on the next piece!

Relating to Morning Habits

About four years ago, I talked about how I love waking up early in the morning. Over the years, I just downgraded into this tired, old, unhealthy woman. And I’m only 22. So, how did that happen?

There’s this video online, it’s called “How to wake up early 2018: 7 morning habits to help you be a morning person” .

It was by this guy named Matthew who, when you see him, looked like he actually woke up in the best morning ever. Like what the fuck I’d give everything for that hair and skin. Anyway, watching that video about his lifestyle, I realized the things that may have been the reason why I’m always either late or unenergetic.

First of all, he mentioned something about listening to music in the morning. Now, I gotta put a big fat check on that because I do that all the time. Except, sometimes it drifts into songs that don’t really encourage me to move in a faster pace. And instead of skipping them, I’d get carried away and I’d sing long while getting dressed in the slowest possible way.

Second, there was that thing about reading. Reading will always have a special place in my heart. Actually, I use to read in the mornings with my coffee while waiting for my turn to the bathroom. But as years passed, my reading habits became less and less. There are good days though, you know when I read one chapter and I couldn’t put the book down (looking at you, Mr. Neil Gaiman and your Stardust). Dammit, I used to be so into reading that I can quickly immerse myself the moment I pick up a book.

Then, there was that cellphone thing he told to get rid off. You know, back then when I used to be a morning person, I had a phone–I guess you can call it…vintage. It was a Nokia 101 that I had to reboot every once in a while because it freezes. Sure it was shitty but I was never distracted by it because there was no WiFi feature. Then, when I graduated, I bought myself a phone. It wasn’t a fancy one but it was enough to be a reason why I have an awful morning habit of scrolling through social media while the clock is ticking.

So yeah, that’s how I got here. I’d leave the rest of these habits for you to reflect on. And maybe we can…make a conversation about it? Yey!