Birthday Blog

I celebrated my 21st birthday last week. My parents surprised me with a brand new monitor that I have been telling myself to buy for almost a year. I guess they were tired of hearing me say “I’d buy that if I had the money,” everytime I realize how shitty my last monitor was. My job decided to surprise me with loads of revisions that I had to work overtime but I didn’t really mind because well, I was expecting this revision since the beginning of the year. I also got the same gift as last year (which was a book) from my boyfriend although last year he gave it to me as a friend. And thinking about that at this very moment is just wild.

Okay let me just insert a few train of thoughts about giving books as gifts before I move on to where I am going here. I love recieving books as gifts to whatever occasion there is. And I’m not just saying that because it’s from somebody special to me but I just fucking love it.

I love the simplicity of a book wrapped as a gift. You already know that it’s a book and yet, there is excitement there of not knowing what’s it about. I love the precision and accuracy required to find a good book for a person. I love how you think about the person more than the quality of that book. I love how you do not need to examine a book between its covers. There are no batteries, no conflicting wires, no complex mechanisms and no expiration dates. Just a whole new world at the reach of your fingertips.

Anyway, Holy shit I’m 21. I am now at the age past my favorite female protagonists. I am older than Nancy Drew (18), Rose Tyler (19), Elizabeth Bennett (20), Esther Greenwood (19) and I am the same age as Lily Evans when she died.

I know it’s not that old but you know when you already have this understanding that you are not a kid anymore and you are now, legally speaking, an actual adult? I have a job. I pay bills and taxes. And even if I still live with my parents, I have enough freedom to go where I needed to be. Also, I can get married without parental consent, have a driver’s license, adopt a child and gamble. But I don’t have plan on doing all that…yet. I don’t have a plan at all except save money for the future. So that’s that.


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