My co-workers and I decided to visit the ADAAF–the annual animation festival in our old beloved university last week. One of the main reasons of going was giving our trainees (who were also animation students from the southern part of the region) a tour of the curriculum that our Alma mater has but I guess we’ve completely forgotten about that the moment my friends and I stepped inside the convention hall.

It’s been a while visiting the old university and seeing our old friends just brought us back to the old college days when we ourselves were participants of the said event. Now, we’re just guests. The ADAAF was still the same: the dim lights of the venue, the audio in full blast bass, the ushers and usherettes hovering over, the students sitting by the ballot boxes and the 3d character fest silently showing off at the back. The only difference would probably seeing less familiar people than last year and these people were far more skillful than us lol.

At the last day, the day of the awarding, my friends won and I am just really proud of them for rocking it. It was decided to take the celebration somewhere we can get together with other college friends. And of course, I’d probably go on talking about how much I’ve missed them and my college years but come on! I really did miss them.

Although another thing happened that night. As our tipsy breaths surrounded the table, a friend started crying. This night was one of those nights when she was not chained into some responsibility and that she actually accepted our invites and I guess that’s the reason for her being this emotional. Then she started talking about the things that I’ve been writing about every time I get together with my friends: how she missed the group so much and how everything is not like it used to. I mean, after this night, we’ll all go back to our own worlds consumed by deadlines and bills. And then we went on talking about the stupidest, craziest things that we did in college and myself also started tearing up (although I didn’t make it that obvious) because dammit college was one of the greatest years of my life and 80% of this blog is filled with stories about it!

Anyway, to top the after-grad changes, is probably how much we’ve gotten over our vices. The one pack of cigarettes was now enough for everyone. The night that used to end at 4 in the morning now became a fun memory because by 2, we all started feeling drowsy. Really, I am now more conscious of my health it’s wild.

I know I haven’t been making that much entries like I used to. But really, I’ve been engaging myself more in the real world and less in my own thoughts. Also, I used to have a lot of bitterness and woes about how things are not meant to be but now, I’ve completely forgotten about those feelings. And everything that I longed for now completes me.

But I will keep on writing here for as much as I can.


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