On This Post About Friendships

You know, this post infuriates me in so many levels.The moment when a friend thinks that you’ve cut them off, that’s it. You’ve literally been a shitty friend. And you just have to fucking apologize and make up for it.

I get this post. I really do. I mean, you can’t expect friends to be around 24/7. But I just hate the fact that people are using this as an excuse to NOT make contact! Like seriously, we live in an age where technology is beautiful and we can talk to anyone in the world whenever we feel like it. Why not use that blessing to reach out to one another?

Also, having “constant contact” does not mean your proving something. It just basically means you care about a person and you want to know if they’re doing okay. It’s like a basic gesture in human relationships.

Why say you miss your friends when you literally had done nothing to fucking reach out? Cmon, it’s friendship! It’s not like you’re making contact with God.

When you have literally cut people off and you’re using this post to save your ass from being an awful friend? Like seriously that is just pathetic. Because if a person truly matters, you’d do everything for them to stick around. You don’t make these bullshit excuses.


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