To Monseiur

First of all, I may have been smiling the whole ride home and I probably looked like a creep so I hate you for that. But anyway, Happy Birthday. You know, despite of the sweat, the smoke and the heat, I gotta say thank you for being a great companion in my long walks around the city. To be honest I, myself did not really bother thinking about the inconvenience of walking home because it really was fun. And it’s good for my cardio.

There is still a lot of things to thank you but at this very moment, I am in loss of words. Not only because of the usual reason that I’m too lazy but really I am still trying to process the whole thing the has been happening. And to tell you honestly, I am really terrified. I guess I am not really used to all these and deep down I feel like there is a camera zooming on to my sorry ass face just waiting to jump on me and tell me that this is all just a prank and we’re all just having fun.

But you know what? Fuck it. I may not have a fucking a clue on what’s going to happen next? But whatever, okay? I am so fucking ready for this so you bring in the hurricane. And why am I even writing this? lol I doubt that you read these writings but at the same time, I am quite relieved.

God I’m helpless.


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