Friends came home last night and damn it I missed them so much. Even though we still talk on a daily basis, it obviously feels different having to see them in flesh. I almost didn’t come because my head was feeling fuzzy and I only slept for 3 hours. Why did I sleep for 3 hours? Because the night before, my co-workers decided it would be fun to go for a swim. I came home at five in the morning and had to wake up at eight for work.

But then I thought, fuck it I love these people more than my bed and I am willing to stay up for another…10 hours. I have been awake for almost 23 hours omygod. For a moment, I felt like I was a college student all over again.

Anyway, before we got together, we stopped by a Taekwondo tournament to cheer for a friend. Well, we did more insult to her than cheer and we weren’t even able to watch her play because we were pretty tired from walking around and it’s just too hot and we just wanted to grab a drink and sit and catch up. Now before you start talking about how we were such bad friends, I’m pretty sure our friend did not want us there because we have been giving her a really embarrassing moment ever since we stepped inside that venue. We’ve been calling her names and screaming dumb stuff to her and basically made scenes until people were looking funny at us and our poor friend was trying really hard to pretend she had no idea what is going on. But of course, she knew how far we’d go based from the years of embarrassment she experienced because of us.

We took a spot at some rooftop and talked about our wildest after-grad stories and first-job experiences. It’s weird because talking to my friends still feels like it’s just another weekend and we’re caffeinated cramming college kids all over again. I almost forgot that in two days people will have to go and things will go back to the way it actually is.

We talked about a lot of things. From politics to fucking terrifying ghost stories –Like who the fuck is ever too old for ghost stories??? I mean, when I was a kid, I used to think that ghost stories are targeted for young audiences just so they would obey parents. I used to believed that when you get older, you also get less scared of the supernatural. O hell no. 

The best part of that night would probably be when we started to enumerate how wrong our beliefs were when we were in college. And fuck, I wouldn’t go into details about what those beliefs were but I am telling you, we all agreed that they were all stupid and immature. I love real-life character developments.

Anyway, this post is shit and this has been on my draft section for too long and I needed to wrap up.


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