Break from Being A Cast Away

I haven’t been updating this for many days now despite of having a lot to talk about. Well, you can say that laziness might have something to do with it, but not entirely. To be honest, I have been writing a lot. Ideas are everywhere, especially on my bathroom moments and on my long rides from home to work. But sometimes, when ideas are too much to fit inside your head, you don’t remember everything  when you try to write them down. Especially when it has been hours since you have thought about them. Worst part is you only get the shitty ones and the best ideas are just gone. Forever.


Then again, maybe it is entirely about laziness and I have just been coming up with ridiculous excuses.

The main reason of not producing a single output is probably because I have been so immersed with this survival video game called “The Forest.”  Here you get stuck in the middle of an island surrounded by cannibals (except that I don’t because I used a cheat code for disabling them) and you’ve got to build a base and hunt for food and stuff. It’s a really fun game because it’s minecraft but with better graphics. Plus, the island is MASSIVE and there’s a LOT of areas to explore.

So yeah, I guess I really am a person full of ideas who never finishes a single one. Personal projects are frustrating because it’s not really urgent and you have all the time in the world to do it. But then when you create a deadline for it, your laziness will reason out that “it’s not that important and you have other stuff to do”. I still have no idea how to fix this.

As you can see, this post does not make sense. I’m just writing for the sake of…continuity?

IHelp me. How do you actually finish something without its quality diminishing as production time goes by? How do you contain your ideas and keep them fresh and loved until the very end? How do you avoid distraction and how do you manage yourself?


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