Purchases and Predictions

​I was invited to go to the BLTX Naga yesterday. If you don’t know what the BLTX is, it’s a gathering of artists and writers–creators basically from different parts of the country where they sell stuff like comic strips, tshirts, poems, short stories, CDs, stickers, kidneys, souls.

Anyway, I was able to purchase a few stuff. I would have bought more but I was on budget because my mom asked me to buy dinner. You know, ever since I got a job, my mom has come up with the most amazing ways of asking me to pay for stuff. It’s not that I had any problems with that but I believe that woman has the power of Charmspeaking. Her pleads and persuasions are spoken with such power that you cannot say no.

In fact, she inserts these pleads in the most irrelevant conversations and you wouldn’t even realize she’s been doing that until the moment the phrase, “Okay, I’ll do it” escapes your lips. Oh how i wish that power can be passed down.

Right, so I bought a two-part comic book by an artist from Manila because the style reminded me of the film Diary of A Teenage Girl.

I also bought a sketchbook with the map of my beloved university as the cover.

Of course I bought postcards from my friend because it is a universally acknowledged rule that in order to show your support to friend who’s an artist, you buy their stuff. I mean, praises and promotions are great but they gotta pay the bills.

And lastly, I bought a set of Tarot cards from my freshmen year Humanities teacher. I was also given a free reading using those cards.

Now, in my life, I’ve only been given readings twice. Once, when I was in highschool there’s this thing that circulated around campus that my classmate can read palms. When I asked her to read mine, her eyes glowed and in these exact words she told me:

As you embark your journey to complete your higher education, you shall cross paths with a young man that is gifted with a pair of almond eyes. And that gentleman shall be your significant other.

Yep. She totally said that. Shut up. And as you all know, a couple of months ago, I finished that journey of completing my higher education. So, where my almond eyed boyfriend at?

So anyway, this reading is my second time. And I don’t think my Humanities teacher would be talking about another possible boyfriend with another distinct pair of eyes. Who is ever sure of the future, anyway? So I gave it a shot.

I asked my friends to stay with me because I was a bit scared. I don’t even know why my hands were shaking as I was shuffling the cards. I was asked to pick four as it would represent things about myself.

The first card told me that I am a person full of ideas but I never finish one. Which was fascinatingly true because recently, I’ve been experiencing a lot of creative juice spurts (I really should look for another term for this. The longer I use this, the less appealing it sounds) and not a single one has been started. Gotta think about ways of actually doing it. And actually do it.

The second card, from what I can remember, talks about a certain companion that I am so totally distracted to. And that I have the tendency to lose focus because of that person. Which is a bit embarrassing because the companion he’s probably talking about is a friend who I’ve been hanging out with most of the time. And he was just standing a few feet away from me. Now he’s probably thinking I have a crush on him or something–which I don’t.

Plus I don’t think I’m distracted. I mean I finish work on time and…oh maybe he’s talking about the “ideas I kept on having but never starting”? Wow. So does that mean the companion he’s talking about is the…internet?

The third card was scary. I was told that I would experience a treacherous journey because of a backstabbing bitch who is probably jealous of me. And then my Humanities teacher told me something so perfectly cinematic that I almost felt there was a camera hovering over my shoulder.

“Be careful of who you interact with,”

I don’t know if he talked that way on purpose but I swear to god  he totally waited for the room to quiet down before he said it. Or maybe the room really quieted itself down for him to speak.
In the fourth card, he told me that I was stubborn which is probably the reason why someone would stab me in the back. I wouldn’t be talking much about this because I might end up defending myself from being stubborn which I would get accused of. Read further to get my point.

After that, my friends and I thanked him and we went out. We needed some air (The place was packed with enthusiasts so it was really hot inside. Our sweat totally ruined our “Stranger Things” outfit). We reflected on the readings that I had. And we also had a small intervention about my stubbornness to which I defended myself and everytime I try to, they’d point out that I’m being stubborn all over again.

Okay if there’s a lesson from all these, it’s that, don’t ever bring your friends to a reading. In fact, keep those readings to yourself because they would use those readings against you and they would even reach the point where they can manipulate you.

Anyway it was a good, rainy day. It was amazing seeing artists support each other.


2 thoughts on “Purchases and Predictions

    1. sonicspenny Post author

      Congratulations sir! The BLTX was a blast! It was a great way of celebrating passion and creativity!! Haha That would be cool too! We shall see in the future! 😁😁😁


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