Tiring Travels

Yesterday was an incredibly weird day consisted of a series of irrelevant happenings and I would like to tell everyone about it. Okay, maybe “weird” wouldn’t be the term. Just odd? strange? unusual? Anyway, it started off a normal day when I, together with a friend decided to go to our old university to get our alumni IDs. I also went to finish my clearance which I should have done ages ago but well, things have been happening.

After that, we went for a pizza, which was a mistake by the way because we ordered too much and I thought I was going to explode. Let me tell you another thing about my eating habits. I said “another thing” because if you don’t remember, I already talked about it here. So my family was never bestowed with the gift of having great appetites. The five of us can’t even finish a small cake in one evening. It would be a miracle if we went past the second helping of a meal. That’s the reason why we don’t go out to eat very often. Everytime we do, there will always be a left over that we had to take out in guilt of wasting food. I’m telling you, if there’s like a buffet, people would definitely misunderstand us.

We left the place stuffed with pizza and guilt.

We went to go somewhere rather far after that. But I guess we were both just craving for a long ride. Or maybe we were just craving for a bus ride because the ride that we had wasn’t even that long–just 30 mins away from the city.

It was a perfect ride, really. You would expect that the 1 o’clock heat would be hell but it wasn’t. The clouds are everywhere and the the weather was fine. And the wind, ah the wind. It was in those moments when everything is in tranquility and everything seemed lighter as if I have forgotten that I was actually stuffed. Plus, we were listening to this old Filipino band called Cinderella.

Now, what I love about this band is that most of their songs are as simple as proclamation of endearment and admiration towards a person they may or may not know. Just the adorable thoughts of crushing over someone. No wild promises of forever. No harsh truths of infidelity. No devastating memories of heartbreak. No confusion of who should accept or reject love. No grand fights for anyone.  And to be honest, these kinds of songs are a lot more believable and genuine than the rest.


When we arrived, we went to a surplus store but we were unsuccessful of finding amusing things. And we’ve got nothing else to do. It also started raining so we couldn’t go for a hike. So we started to look someplace we could sit (and pee). We were still full so we went looking for a cafe. And so we walked around for almost half an hour just to find that damn cafe but we couldn’t find anything. And so we walked for another half an hour back to where we started and bought a bottle of water and Gatorade at a 7-Eleven store. Which, when you realize it, we actually hiked in the fucking rain. After a long discussion and a few exchange of blames, we decided to go back to the city. That’s right, all that for a bottle of water and Gatorade that we didn’t even finished.

We got back really tired and hurt and we really just wanted to sit down. So we went for a coffee at an actual cafe that was not present in that town (well I did some research and apparently there was a cafe but it was just a bit further down the road). You could imagine the weight when we finally sat at our table after we ordered where we laid our heads for a while as we laughed at the horrid experience.

The idea of surplus store exploration wasn’t completely erased so we headed at some Japanese surplus store and dove into the random things there. And look at the treasures that I found.


I think that best one is the album. The cover really caught my attention because it has been circling the internet and has been associated with the animated film, Grave of the Fireflies by Studio Ghibli which is one of the most heartbreaking films ever. But I did some research and the album is actually a poem that’s converted into a song. It consists of four tracks: A sort of commentary? (I can’t tell because it’s in Japanese), the actual song, the English version of the song and a minus one. The poem was written by this guy named Sankichi Toge who was an activist and a survivor of the atomic bomb when it hit the city of Hiroshima. And he wrote a collection of poems about it and one of them is what I just bought for 35 Php. These are the actual words:

Give back my father, give back my mother;
 Give grandpa back, grandma back;
 Give me my sons and daughters back.
 Give me back myself.
 Give back the human race.
 As long as this life lasts, this life,
 Give back peace
 That will never end.

I’m not much of a poet. Really, I just suck at anything that has to do with poems. I never had the gift of writing and reading them. But, I felt…something.

Anyway, I also bought a medallion of some sort from Disneyland? And three beyblade badges. My friend bought a crossed rifles pin, which is pretty cool. And a 2012 London Olympics keychain.

And after looking (and failing) to find treasures again in Booksale, my friend got hungry. It’s weird that it’s almost dusk and I haven’t felt the slightest hunger. We got to a restaurant and he ordered some lomi and we discovered that the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines (who is also from the city) is coming. Told ya it’s a day filled with irrelevance. And of course we stayed a little longer to see her.

She had a short speech of appreciation to everyone who supported her in the election. I myself voted for her and I am so proud of where she is right now. The reason why I admire her is because after the death of her husband (who’s leadership is so impressive people were giving him the title of “the best president we never had) in 2012 from a plane crash, she continued his legacy by serving the people not only of her city but of her country. When I thought about it, her story is similar to my favorite Filipino heroine, Gabriela Silang.

I got goosebumps just hearing her talk. Not only because I was starstruck but because I’m proud. And I’m not even from the city. Heck, I’m not even from my own hometown. But fuck it I’m really proud.

Right now, I’m starting to lose words which means I’ll have finish this as soon as I can. After her speech my friend and I walked home, like we always do. Well, not home home. He walked home and I walked to the terminal. And as we were rapping our verses of Yorktown (a song from the musical Hamilton) we heard a crack. Almost like a gunshot. We almost thought we summoned a fucking war by singing a song about guns and battles but it was just fireworks. And of course we stopped for fireworks. Who doesn’t stop for fireworks? Pedestrians who were walking with us, I suppose. I talked about my fascination with fireworks before and aaarggh it’s really so pretty even if it emits harmful chemicals that causes health problems and air pollution.

And finally to top my fascinating day, a baby was crying his eyes out in the jeep. And everyone was really trying to sooth him, which was incredibly  cool seeing the sense of unity among these group of strangers who came from whatever life they had that day and just wanted to take some rest and go home.

And man, I was really tired when I got home.

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