Daddy Day

My dad is far from being an Atticus Finch–the best fictional dad I know and kinda wished I had (Although, recently I’m starting to have second thoughts because I’ve been reading Go Set A Watchman, the sequel for To Kill A Mockigbird by Harper Lee and I found out some things about him). But I love him more than Atticus not because he’s real and he’s my actual dad but because I just do.

This year has been an important year between me and my father because this is the year that I had the courage to confront him about the things that has been bothering me for many years. And he responded to it and we had our very first talk ever. And in that talk, I get to understand just how much he loves his children and how sorry he is for the things he’s done in the past.

And I get to do the impossible and forgave him. For real, this time. And I loved him more than I ever thought I did.

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