Barbie & Africa

Before I begin talking about the weird obsession I had this weekend with the Barbie film series, can I just talk first about the song Africa by Toto?

When I was a kid, I used to not share my parents’ passion for 80s music. It wasn’t as epic and groovy as I think it is right now. I believe that it’s because I was brought up where 80s music was sung in the karaoke by drunk adults and it’s usually just hollering lyrics until they pass out. So the appeal didn’t really get me until later on.

But man, this song is THE SHIT. It has been my anthem for days now ever since I made a playlist on my Spotify account about 80’s songs. I fucking love it! I know nothing about music language but the conga beats and the catchy electric piano thing (?) that plays repeatedly are the best parts of that song.

Plus, I just love songs that celebrate places. You know when they like, thank the Gods for giving them a place to stay and how that home is wonderful and how they always long for it whenever they are someplace far (although the person who wrote Africa has never even been to Africa at the time he was writing the song and he only had the television as a reference). And when they personify it and proclaim how the place is the only thing that doesn’t abandon them when life gets rough?

When I listen to songs about places, they’re all celebratory and nostalgic and these two things are a really beautiful combination in my opinion. I love that these songs teach about collectively loving and honoring something instead of being a bit possessive over a person which is present in romantic songs.

I think that’s why country and folk music will always have a place in my heart (even if Africa belonged to the soft rock genre).

So let’s move on to the Barbie series. It’s not that I’ve been obsessed. I was tormenting my friend for days by sending her one line each day of a song from Barbie Princess and the Pauper. BesidesI don’t think she was even tormented by that. Back in high school, Princess and the Pauper was our jam because back when we were kids it was everybody’s jam. I was just feeling nostalgic about our nostalgia in high school about that damn Barbie movies.

I should stop repeating words. It’s getting annoying.


ANYWAY.  When I mentioned Barbie movies, I only meant the second generation Barbie films. So in the Barbie Film series, there are 3 generations. The first generation was in 1987 and was aired as TV specials. The second generation was from 2001-2009 and was about fairies and princesses and ballet and all that really good stuff. And no one dies in the end.  And that was THE SHIT. I haven’t watched ALL of them but I definitely didn’t hate anything about it. And I know there are a LOT of flaws and loopholes and white people in the Barbie second generation films but it’s the stories I grew up with so it’s stuck in my heart for as long as I live.

The 3rd generation was shit. It’s not even THE shit. It’s just plain shit. I won’t even talk about it…much. I haven’t seen any of its films but fuck I saw how they ruined To Be a  Princess song by auto-tuning it and changing the lyrics in Princess and the Popstar. HOW DARE THEY that is just offensive. Wha–are they trying to make inside jokes with themselves? I don’t know. I mean I understand that they’re all about modernity and fashion these days but could they not bring the classic Barbie films with them? Can they just leave them in  2009 because they can manage without the magical microphone?

Great, now I’m mad. Where is my fucking Call of Duty?


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