Noises after Silent

Last night, I went to watch a local band play live.  Although we had to stay at the back where it’s too hot and everyone was sticky and sweaty because we didn’t pay a single centavo, it was worth it. Hey, it’s not easy to listen with great satisfaction to popular bands these days without throwing in some cash. And we didn’t have cash.

I decided to participate in that concert because it was one of the few local bands where I’m familiar with most of the lyrics. The band actually,  was the official soundtrack of our apartment days so it obviously meant something. And I get to go with the people I love whom I haven’t seen in a while. Plus it’s fucking free.

Also, I just got home awhile ago despite having to go to work in a few hours because the small concert ended at almost 10pm–too late and too risky to ride home alone. So I stayed over my friend’s house. Yep, I’m still crashing into people’s places. It’s been a while since we last gathered together in that rooftop. And everyone felt nostalgic and we went on recollecting the past events that happened of our tiny group. Our arguments on the details about these stories made me realize that I really should write more about stuff for future references.

My head’s a bit fuzzy so I’ll be cutting this short. I suddenly lost the ability to prolong my energy to last a day when I lack sleep. Surprisingly, I sort of miss it. Dammit I sorta miss going to school. But I’ll talk about that later.

Right now, I’m trying to get back on my reading and writing and stuff. I’m planning to organize my schedules for my free time so I won’t feel bad about myself for not doing anything. I’m currently on this book called Basagan ng Trip by Lisandro Claudio. So far, his commentary on the Philippine politics is hilarious and really informative.

And yes this entry is garbage but having to write about something is better than nothing. I’ll try better next time.

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