Bastards and Broken Things

Please don’t cheat on people. It the worst thing you can do to the person who truly loves you. Even if it wasn’t anything serious and it didn’t mean anything. Even if you love the person you cheated on to death and that you would do anything for that person (except be faithful). Even if you didn’t know what the fuck you were doing. Just please, don’t do it. Because even if you’re forgiven in the end, it fucking leaves a great emotional scar to the people who were involved. And it fucking haunts them for the rest of their lives.

It sucks because, once you say sorry there’s this emotional pressure of forgiving you because fucking society says it’s “the right thing to do” and that we should all try to be the “better person”. But fuck it who wants to be the “better person” at situations like this? Do you think that people will still care who they want to be after they have been fucking betrayed by the people they loved for years?

It sucks because even if love triumphs over disappointment and pain, and when the person has fucking done the impossible which is forgiving that son of a bitch, there is still that wishful thinking that this is all just a dream and everything will be okay again when you wake up.

It sucks because even if it’s a lesson of forgiveness and you still love the person no matter what he or she has done, there is always going to be that reminder that promises have been broken because of that one fucking exciting moment where you and those promises have been forgotten.

Please don’t cheat on people.

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