Summer Field Trip

The day right after Holy Week, my friends and I had this 5-hour trip to Sorsogon. I’m not new to the place. I’ve been there a couple of times and I’ve learned to understand the dialect from the childhood years I spent there with my grandparents while my parents were in another place because of their jobs. I spent my years there alone and formed a few imaginary friends (I don’t remember any of it but that’s what my mom told me) which made my parents decide I needed to have a sister.

But it was a fun childhood despite my seclusion from the civilization (because my mom’s house was in the mountains). I loved the peace and quite of the farm life with just me and my grandparents. So, before I start talking about this imaginary friend named Manny who hid behind my grandma’s hanged laundry and my first and only dog friend named Kulit, I should probably get on with talking about our trip.

We started at dawn because everyone understood the geographical differences of this place from ours and we can’t waste time. The shuttle bus that we rented at the last minute was perfect and the trip wouldn’t have been possible without it. It was really convenient because we were able to pick up a few friends along the way. Also, with a few convincing lies, we were able to smuggle someone out of her house at the very last minute. It made me feel really guilty in the end when we went home but that friend of mine will totally miss out a LOT if we hadn’t done what we had to do. Basically, she owes me.


 In the first few hours of the trip, it was filled with energetic chatters and ukulele strums and OPM sing-alongs but later on, everyone realized how long this trip is actually going to be so we went to sleep. 

We had lunch at this expensive-ass Cafe Rosita. I wasn’t feeling great at the time because of sudden carsickness so nothing happened much. Well, I did threw up in the bathroom. Man, that was the first time I threw up in a bathroom sober.


And then another long-ass, nauseating and death-defying ride to Bulusan Lake. Shit, the view was so much better than I remembered! We spent 20 minutes there taking pictures and shit before doing actual activities. The first one was trekking. It wasn’t really that exciting. We were really just walking around trees and shit. But we did reach this unfinished hanging bridge and when I say unfinished, I mean it’s not yet available for tourists but we did get a chance to walk halfway.

And then with a little persuasion from my friends, I was able to experience kayaking at the lake. I was scared because I’ve heard stories about going out of balance and plunging into that 20-meter deep lake. And between my friend and I, no one really has the sufficient skill in swimming and saving lives. But in the end, It was a surprise that I can maneuver a kayak without difficulty. Although, we did get soaked from too much joking around. Oh well.


At night, we had dinner at my grandma’s place and it was one of the weirdest feelings in the world. Not because there are 20+ fresh graduates who suddenly showed up at a house that is usually inhabited by two old people. Nope.

You know when it’s like friends are one realm and relatives are another. And your whole personality also changes depending on what realm you’re in. And when these two realms suddenly exist in the same universe (just like what happened to me)  your system gets confused because you now become this one person with two distinct personalities. It’s so weird.

But anyway it was a great dinner and I missed my grandparents.

We went back to our cottage at this surf camp just a few minutes away. The cottage there was cute but it wasn’t cute anymore when it suddenly rained the whole night. I was lucky enough to be one of the few who slept in less discomfort than the others.

The next day, we went to this island which I didn’t know existed if it wasn’t for the remarkable researching ability of my friend. Who would have thought that there is someplace as cool as this.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m starting to feel a little lazy again and I can’t wait for another day to post this.  So I’ll just put some more pictures here. Y’all probably knew that these photos aren’t mine.


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