Grad Thoughts from Eventful Weekends

Last week was a blast because there wasn’t a day that didn’t have an event to attend to. I mean there were some events that didn’t really require my attendance but I would probably miss a LOT if I decided to lay down and watch movies at home instead.

So it was my graduation. You know the thing about graduation, is that you don’t really feel much nostalgia and shit until the very end.


The reality of it, at least in my experience is a few of the following (you know as much as I’m not a fan of listing down things, I’m not really an expert on elaborating stuff without using numbers and bullets so yah):

1. You’re conscious of having the same outfit as someone else because you bought that dress in a department store at the last minute.

2. You pray to the god almighty that you do not trip on your high heels when you walk on the stage to get your dimploma.

3. You’re bored of listening to the thousand of students being called to the stage one by one. Because well, there’s nothing to do since your class has been one of the few courses to be called.

4. The heels are alive with the sound of you crying because FUCK YOU GUYZ it hurt so much. You do realize the we are required to stand most of the time and can you imagine the agony and resentment we felt every second of it. I don’t have anything against people who love them. I understand it’s provocative, sexy and it gives you confidence but when you think about it it’s just impractical and it just hurt so much, okay? Okay, random fact, did you even know that high heels are popularized in the mid-19th century by pornographers? Yeah, u check that out.

5. The 2-oclock summer heat is just mean.

The night before graduation we also had a small tribute to seniors. I’m just proud of my friends, well of us. And the videos were hilarious and sort of nostalgic that I kinda wish we had more time to edit them because for sure, it will bring people to tears.

Then after the whole affairs on graduation, we dragged a few friends and went to another friend’s place (which was quite far) and hiked. It wasn’t really hiking, if you ask me. It’s just a field were cows are fed with a hill on it. But the view was stunning when we decided to wait for the sunset.

After that I went back to my town and spent a few hours with my childhood friends. I’m starting to have a feeling that these meet-ups with them will be a rare event in a few months.


And we’re planning to go somewhere else after the Holy Week so I’ll probably be back on writing more stuff. You know, before I decide to look for a job or something.

So when you think about it, graduation is just an event. A ceremony where you and your friends gather and celebrate dedication and hardwork and brilliance. But it’s not really a place of ending things. It doesn’t feel like, say, an airport or a terminal where people say actual goodbyes. It’s not a place where people go for real. You’ll probably see the same people the next morning or the next week.

There will be plans on going out and when I think about it, you don’t really have the right time of announcing when you’re going. But sooner or later, those plans are going to die out and little by little people are going to take a shot on being an adult and go far away places and sort their life out. And god knows when those plans are going to come around again.

But that’s okay. It’s good that we’re going somewhere. That’s how we’re supposed to grow. I think the important thing is we don’t miss out. And we don’t forget.


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