Folkin’ Around (part 2)

Last night was a bit heavy so I wanted to lighten up this place. Yeah, yeah this theme again?? But how can you not post this? The photos looked so good and I have to shout it to the world. Come on people, this is the only time I’m actually proud of being in front of the camera when I am not making dumb faces like I always do.

I don’t even want to ask for attention in a lowkey manner. I AM BRAGGING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW. Just look at it! WOW. Not just me in particular but the whole composition of every photo. I don’t care, if there were more of these photos I’d definitely make a part 3. I looked good and I mean it.

So just quit being so negative. Like how bitter are you?

And yeah this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for my good friend who I’m going to miss really bad once we all go separate ways. Yeah I’m just gonna cry my eyes out and eat lots of ice cream and watch a marathon of sad coming-of-age films.


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