It has been forever since I went out with my friends and boy, did I ever had the time of my life last night. Well, to be honest it wasn’t really a wild get together that required your full energy to participate. There was no jumping around or screaming at each other or dancing whenever we felt like it. At first I was having second thoughts on coming because I was the only girl there and I was expecting the night would be filled by endless dumb dick jokes and just too much testosterone in the air.

Well it did. Of course it did. But as the bottles went empty and the ashtray becomes full, it turned out to be just a chilly night filled with heavy conversations that covered mostly on the topics of politics and religion. Thank god the heated arguments didn’t turn into fist fights.

But that wasn’t even the original plan. My friend and I have been having thoughts on giving ourselves a one-on-one session to just talk and catch up (even though we have chat conversations every night). And so we did. We talked from 8 to 12 in the evening and then when we went straight to our other friends who happens to be just at the nearby bar.

It would be very tedious if I give details on it but bottomline is, I’m just glad to have a friend like that guy. Because really, there are almost no boundaries when it comes to talking about ourselves. I’m comfortable to trust him with anything whether it may be about drugs, sex, inner flaws, secret hatreds, bad habits and all the things that I keep to myself. I think you really just have to find the right person who’s open minded enough to accept you for who you are and value them like your own life. And it can really make things bearable.

At 4 am we went to McDonald’s and just literally slept there for 2 hours because we had no house to sleep in. I didn’t even eat the chicken sandwich that I ordered. It was pretty embarrassing because people were staring at us when we woke up.

I also had the chance to make important calls last night. Of all the times I registered for a cellphone load, last night would have probably be the most worth it. Well this and that time when John O’Callaghan talked to me on the phone.

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