Yesterday was fun. It wasn’t that overwhelmingly exuberant but it was a good day and I’m glad I still have those. We spent the entire afternoon shooting outfits made from old Christmas decorations we found at the chroma room. It was pretty hilarious because we were aiming to produce a high fashion portfolio (instead of focusing on showreel revisions that is to be submitted in 2 days) but the outfits were just too ridiculous.

These are just two of the best photos we had and I’m pretty sure the others coming their way. Until this whole revision is over and we can finally find time to edit. And yes, those are Christmas balls I wore as earrings.

We also filled my friend’s Snapchat stories with photos showing the most cliche group photo poses we came up with from the horrors of 6th grade up to the present years.


It was also one of my friend’s birthday and we gave her the sweetest and the most heartfelt birthday greetings ever.


It was an energy draining day but it was worth it.


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