You know, my entire college life, I was lucky enough to get away from week-long illnesses that could have ruined my future and I think all of that crammed up into this one long, ugly and itchy virus that is called Chicken Pox.

I’m supposed to be doing revisions for my senior production and catching up on to the films I’ve missed but instead:

  • I’ve been sick on and off for days
  • the bookshelf on my bedside suddenly filled with medical supplies
  • the medications (that are in the bookshelf on my bedside) are making me drowsy all the time
  • wounds and blotches all over my body
  • I look liked I’ve been cursed
  • I haven’t taken a bath for days
  • I eat like a baby. No really I eat food that looked liked they were already chewed on.
  • everything itches

Chicken Pox are the worst sons of bitches anyone can have because you just never know at what era of your life it’s gonna swarm on you. Well, I kinda knew it was coming because a month ago, I had a friend over and the next day he had chicken pox so I was pretty sure some of the virus transferred on to me. Now I walk around and look into the mirror and I see the picture of Dorian Grey. Yeah, I had to use that. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for the moment.

But I did finish reading I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai and I sorta cried. I don’t know if I’m getting softer these days (recently I was tearing up because of a baking show) or that book is just the most important thing that happened in my life.

Malala Yousafzai has always caught my attention ever since the speech she gave at while receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. I guess that’s why I’m dying to buy this book. Her passion for education is so wild that I feel guilty for taking education for granted.

Okay, I didn’t just “sorta cried”. Fuck You it was beautiful.

Ugh, last night when I was planning this entry out, I had so much to say now I just ran out of words. This is starting to terrify me.


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