At the Other Side of War

I am so back. Yes. It’s been months of Senior Production madness and I am happy to announce that I submitted my final output and is due to be presented to the panelists this coming Saturday. Of course, I am every bit terrified as any of my classmates but I’m also very relieved that the dreadful thoughts about not being able to pass on time is finally OVER.


Things you miss about my life (yes, I sometimes pretend that I am a celebrity and that people are actually interested about my life.), well I’m currently obsessed with this musical called Hamilton. And I haven’t even watched it yet because it’s a Broadway show and there isn’t a full video available on Youtube. So what I did is I listened to the two-act playlist while I read the entire lyrics just so I could understand what was happening. It was quite an exciting experience, it’s like listening to an audiobook while reading actual words. Does that make sense?

Anyway it was really informative, entertaining and really moving that I almost cried had it not for my sister’s presence in the room.

Wow. I guess that’s it. I guess listening to a musical is the only interesting thing I can afford to do in the time that I had been quiet. No travels. No new series. No books. No drama. Well, it was hard to risk the little time that we have left.

But I am back now. Currently, I am reading  I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai.

To be honest, the “hiatus” that I had was very disorienting that I am having a hard time constructing words.

Oh and finally, justice has been done in my Pottermore account. I knew I didn;t belong to Ravenclaw-or any other house.



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