New Year in a Few Hours

I can’t believe that in a few hours, it’s gonna be the turn of another year. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was welcoming 2015 in my life and now I will be saying goodbye to it.

This is the year that I get to be recognized by the people not just from where I am but also from far away places. I get to have the best production teams anyone could possibly have! I get to meet wonderful people that inspired me to do well on my work and I got the chance to explore my field. And right now, I am working my way to graduation which is only a few ways down the road (so fingers crossed on that one).

I’m thankful for the friends who are still in my life from my stinky childhood to my awkward years to the sleepless and caffeinated nights. I hope it’ll still be the same for this coming year. And no, stop telling that we’re all going different ways this year, you cold ass bitch.

What else, Oh I get to speak (even for tiniest bit…like just a tone higher) for my rights and ideals. I know I’m a long way to go to have the courage to actually fight for it, but it’s a good start.

And this year taught me to let go of the things that don’t make me happy. To be honest, I am thankful that I’m starting the year ready to forget all the shitty and toxic stuff and just get on with my life.

Despite the lack of more words to describe it, this year truly was one helluvah ride.

Cheers to everyone!


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