Long Live the Dead Hero

And the last book of the year goes to…Rizal Without the Overcoat by Ambeth OcampoAlso, I didn’t know he was a guy and it wasn’t until I was in the middle of the book that I realized his name wasn’t Annabeth Ocampo (way to go Rick Riordan).

Well the reason I bought this book is because I’ve been watching too many documentaries about the old times and I thought I might find books about it. And this baby is not as expensive as the others. So yey!

I’m not much of a history buff. I never liked history exams because I had to memorize a LOT. But there is something about discussions, especially of those really passionate teachers, that let me focus for an hour and a half and just imagine how things happened.

So anyway, It was a great book. I won’t go and tell you the details of what I’ve learned because y’all should read it. Jose Rizal was a really cool guy. Whether it’s because of his experience or his studies, he sure knew a LOT. I mean, if he were alive today, I wouldn’t be friends with him. I would be so shy and awkward and just be so intimidated by his coolness. And if he ever talked to me, I would pleasure myself to just follow him around and listen to his daily life. I think I would forget to ask him the important unanswered questions of this day about him and just be dumbfounded by his presence.

Yeah that is how great he was. But of course, it wasn’t his “coolness” that made him the national hero. I guess it was because of how he used his coolness to speak the truth and awaken the people from the abuse of the colonial rules. He is important because we can learn from his ideals and actions and make him a role model so that someday, we can speak the truth ourselves.

Look, I don’t believe that this generation is dead just because we are teased of being ignorant and apathetic and worthless and lazy and narcissistic and provocative and all the shitty things that everyone is ranting about us. We kids are more than what we are labeled with. We might not see it right now because we’re clouded with judgement but there is something there. 

To me, the famous quote, “Ang kabataan ay pag-asa ng bayan,” (The youth is the hope of the motherland) by Rizal still rings true as it was first ever uttered. And will always be.

P.S. If Rizal is reading this from the afterlife, I’m sorry I know you didn’t want tributes and stuff. And yeahh… I might have written this on your death day but I’m trying to make a point here so chill.

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