I Found the Fantastic Feelings

I’m not crying. It’s just a trailer of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on my eye. Like how am I even alive right now? OMG

This is a really, really big deal for me because it’s been a while since I last put excitement in my heart for a Harry Potter film. Well, technically it’s just an extension of the world of Harry Potter but it’s still really important. The feelings may not be exactly the same as the last time but we don’t really have a choice. It’s the only thing we have these days.

I’m not saying that the whole craze is dead (because it will never be), I’m just saying that this is a whole new beginning to everyone who had ever loved the world that queen J.K Rowling has built. I can still feel the sting of July 15, 2011. That was the release of the final installment and I was really really sad it’s like parting from an old friend.

You know, funny thing about books is that you can really feel how long the span of years the story took place. Like for example, in the Harry Potter series, it took 7 years of adventures with him and IT DID FEEL LIKE 7 YEARS HAD PASSED even though you’ve read the series for like…idk…two months? I FELT IT. It felt like I too had some maturity gained from each book. Even in the epilogue part, I still felt like I was part of it.

Now matter what part of the timeline in the story the author was telling me, it never felt like a flashback or a fast forward. To me, it was always present tense. And I am there.

I don’t know if this makes sense but that’s one thing why I like reading. It’s like being in an Avatar State where your physical body is in a certain position you find comfortable with a book on your hand and your soul being in another world waving wands and fighting off monsters and training dragons.

And you don’t even have to move around. Well, you can make a face or read some cool dialogues aloud (I do this a lot at home, I would want to talk about this sometime) and the feeling would still be so raw that you could feel the exhaustion, the nostalgia, the loss, the relief and all the things you can relate with the characters until the very last page.

The film may not have Harry, Ron, Hermione or any other familiar characters but that feeling of seeing an old friend once again after a very long time is the same as watching this 1 minute trailer.


4 thoughts on “I Found the Fantastic Feelings

    1. sonicspenny Post author

      oh yes sir I almost forgot about it! OMG yeaah I’m also curious how the epilogue is going to roll! But it’s soo sad because the only way to watch it is through replays on youtube that will be posted months laterrr.but yes yes! now i’ll just cry in the corner because of too much nostalgia hahaha


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