Weekends at Cinema 5

Yep, back from Manila again because of the Animahenasyon 2015 Awards Night and a Storyboard & Animation Master Class by director Christian de Vita. And can I just talk first about the shitty hotel we stayed in.

First off, it smelled like cigarette smoke. Now, I have nothing against smoking except when someone does it inside a closed room that is air conditioned. What the fuck is wrong with you? Second, there is a reason why a mirror is attached to the ceiling. Besides from taking selfies. Third, in addition to that “reason”, the shower room is fucking transparent. Well it’s tinted in a dark color but you can still see what you don’t really want to see in there! And it’s so awkward to take a bath even though you’ve closed the lights and you are so sure that your roommate is still dead asleep.

Clearly it’s not the typical hotel room you would check into. Ew, god knows what stuff happened in that room, I don’t even wanna know.


Well anyway, our school won most of the awards in the Animahenasyon 2015 which is enough for me to enjoy our trip even though I didn’t win in my categories. I guess it’s because we all have a full understanding of what it’s like to work really hard on an animated short film. I mean, whether it turned out to be a crappy or awesome output, we all know that doing it is never easy. Which is why I am just really happy for my friends who won in the awards night.

We also had the privilege of attending a workshop about storyboard and animation by Christian de Vita who was the storyboard artist for Fantastic Mr. Fox and Frankenweenie. His talk was really funny and informative especially when he gave details about filming techniques that is useful for making effective storyboards.  Plus we also get to have free popcorn and drinks while watching the screening of his new film Yellowbird starring Seth Green and Dakota Fanning.


But I guess the highlight of all happened the night after the awarding and we were celebrating at some bar where we met some alumni of our school.  It was a short conversation I had with my professor but it sure meant a lot and I still have the feels everytime I think about it.

So while we were drinking, he suddenly brought up the thing he told me two years ago when I was starting in 3D animation. He told me that the students who came from our town (because we lived in the same town) were all great in the field and that I had to be great as well. It was such a pressure for me back then because wtf I was young student who doesn’t have a clue on 3D and I had to live up to that…legacy.

And here we are, two years after that talk. When he suddenly told me that I lived up to that. Along with another student who was also from the same town. We both did it. And it was such a big deal for me because it’s not everyday you get to hear that from your professor. Throughout the years we’ve known him for being really strict about deadlines and making snappy comments about our works so that we could improve. And hearing something as big as this left me speechless and awkward and I didn’t know what to say. AAARGH. It felt like winning an award or something.

Actually it feels bigger than that because he’s known me from the very beginning. And I guess he’s got quite a view of each student’s growth and evolution to where they are now. That is why he’s the most legit person who has the say on how we’re doing on our progress.

12310492_10201114897391872_3280084335310535435_n (1).jpg


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