That 7-year old Vocation

When I was a kid, I remember watching this documentary on National Geographic about Shaolin Kung Fu. I was almost sure of wanting to pursue becoming a Shaolin Monk. I don’t even know how would I even reach China but I was willing to shave my head and turn away from meat. Heck, I even gave enough thought on disguising myself as a boy (not even realizing that soon enough puberty is gonna strike).

I remember trying out one of the exercises of this martial art where you punch a pail of water repeatedly for like an hour or two. And I remember doing that in the bathroom hoping that, with sheer determination, I could achieve my dream of becoming a Shaolin Monk. Then I also remember my mom pinching me on the side and giving me economy and conservation lessons.

And that was how the untimely death of my dream happened. The end.


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