Yeah She’s A Mary Sue, but SO WHAT?

So I was looking over the internet about feminism, when I stumble upon a term called Mary Sue. Apparently it is a name you describe a female character from a fictional story who is overly idealistic and without flaw. It is deemed to be annoying because she is too perfect and there is no more room for character development.

And there’s one character that first popped in my head after reading about it–Nancy Drew. I didn’t mean to think about her but I did and for a moment I felt like my childhood has been ruined. Like all the things that I believed in was nothing but false principles. And I couldn’t accept that my childhood hero is a weak and annoyingly perfect character.

She’s beautiful. She’s obviously smart. She’s reliable. She has acquired early independence ever since her mother died when she was younger. That leaves her with a really hot lawyer dad and has a lot of professional connections. She has best friends who happen to be awesome sidekicks. She’s sociable. She has a handsome and extremely athletic boyfriend despite having so many cases to work on. She owns a blue convertible that she drives really badass. She has traveling privileges to far-away locations. She never run out of money. And all those random and unnecessary and useless information that she had suddenly becomes an important fact whenever there’s a problem to be solved.

But WAIT. There’s more. I’ll leave Wikipedia to tell you what else you don’t know.


*sigh* She’s definitely a Mary Sue. But then I realized, SO WHAT?

It doesn’t change the fact that Nancy Drew shaped me and thought me to be brave and inspired me to learn more and read more. If being a Mary Sue means being a good role model to kids, I’ll say her character did a pretty good job (as expected of her lol). I mean, I didn’t turn out to be like her (because…it’s impossible) but I grew up trying to be. And It’s not really a bad thing because I became a responsible kid who believes that to be Nancy Drew, I must possess knowledge and to have that, I should study well and read whatever and whenever I can.

She may not be the best female character ever written, but I can’t hate her. She’ll always be one of my favorites.

But before I end this, when we think about it…isn’t her character’s perfection her ultimate flaw? And with that flaw may be the reason why I love her? wat.

*EXPLOSION* I should have paid attention to my philosophy classes.


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