Failed Meet-Ups

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to write one more entry. I mean, it’s been weeks since I last updated this shit. Now, I am not here to discuss any more political or literary subjects. I’m just gonna rant about something that has happened to me quite a lot. Awhile ago it happened to me again, so I realized I’ve had enough of this fuckery.

Okay, so if you decided to meet up with a friend, especially someone you haven’t seen in a long while, do not blow that meet-up by changing plans at the last minute. No, you are not allowed to forget that you have a scheduled reunion. You are not even allowed to let your mind skip and casually leave your friend waiting at your agreed meet-up place. You are not allowed to be late for…I don’t know, an hour. And most importantly, you’re even allowed to not show up.

And fuck you for saying I’m being a clingy friend because you know why?

That slightest change of mind probably broke your friend’s heart into a million pieces. No, you didn’t just break her heart. You pulverized it into dust and blew it straight to her eyes which caused tears to fall down her sorry-ass face.

You don’t know how excited she feels on these rare meet-ups. How she is willing to cancel everything out just to spend time with you. It’s sucky because the moment you say sorry about it, she’s not allowed to say anything else aside from “It’s okay, maybe next time,”. Because if she did complain and say what she feels, it’s gonna backfire to her when she gets named as the clingy friend.

And no one wants to be that annoying friend who is known for being possessive and obsessed and needy.

But she’s not being clingy. Give some thought to it. She just cares to the people that are important to her.

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