Highway Story Time

Something happened today. I was on my way to school to enroll. I left the house extra early because I had to go back before 11:30 for Aldub (that’s what I’ve been saying to everyone). It was a normal day. People came in and got off that jeepney. Until that ride stopped for an old man. And as he was crossing the street, a motorcycle came rushing out of nowhere and hit him. He flew right underneath the front wheel of another jeepney behind us. The jeep was able to stop at the second though so the old man’s body wasn’t crushed entirely.

The view behind us was awful. I can only see his feet, which was already swollen. The driver told us that he was planning to check the old man’s upper body but backed out when the people said it was horribly crushed.

After that people had to move on with their lives. But all throughout that ride, everyone had something to say. I felt bad for our driver though. He was pretty shaken. He kept brushing his arms and spitting at the window.I was riding shotgun so I can hear him mumbling regrets like, “If I didn’t stopped for that guy, he wouldn’t get hit and he wouldn’t be dead.”

I love gore films. But damn, when you actually see them in real life, fuck.


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