The Final Evaluation

So it’s official. I am now off duty for the final semester of my academic life. For those of you who do not know, which is understandable because I don’t talk about it much, I’ve been a student assistant for 3 and half years.

In those years, I made use of my vacant hours by attending student assistant duties like  walking around the campus to ask for signatures, answering phone calls, cutting and stapling documents, delivering stuff, posting announcements on bulletin boards and filing communications.

And I am forever grateful for that because it helped my family financially since I am majoring in such an expensive course. But this semester, my parents decided that I should lay low for a bit since I’m graduating. I was having second thoughts because I know how much advantage being a scholar is. But then again, I don’t think I can commit to attending more duty hours as often as I used to because of having other stuff to do.

My last days on duty was weird because I suddenly realized how much I’m gonna miss the office when I leave. It occurred to me how much attached I was to the experience that I almost didn’t want to go. Of course I don’t talk much inside the office. I don’t really socialize a lot with the volunteers and the staff there. I only speak when I’m spoken to.

But I will definitely miss my table, the most comforting corner I ever had. This is where I sit most of the time and write drafts for my blog entries. The paper cutter and the photocopy machine, two instruments in the office that I have mastered to operate in almost perfection. The ragged outgoing log book that I carried around. Of course, the sexual tension between me and the wall clock whenever I’m waiting for my time out.

I’m gonna miss having reasons to walk around the campus. I’m gonna miss the staff and the volunteers for being really nice and having the patience of talking to me despite of my shyness.

I love the office so much. No, I’m not just saying that to give them a good name. I really do love it. Every semester student assistants have to answer this evaluation form for the office that they worked for. And I always give the same answer (and no, it’s not because I’m too lazy to come up with other answers). If I were to choose other offices to work for, what would it be? I won’t.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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