Guilty Pleasure Songs

Let’s talk about guilty pleasures in the music category. I believe that I’ve been listening too much to the same guilty pleasure songs for the past couple of weeks since finals and I just had to come out clean. Now, guilty pleasure songs are the songs that you don’t put on your playlist. You don’t recommend them to your friends despite it brightening up your current life. You don’t sing-along to them when you hear them in public. It’s those songs you listen in private sessions on Spotify and in incognito windows on Youtube.

It’s those songs that you keep so secretly to yourself that you might even take it to your grave (and secretly wish it was your funeral song).

I’ve been listening to not one…but three of James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s songs. Three. No Erase, Hanap-hanap and Bahala Na. If you don’t know who these people are, let’s just say that they do not belong to my music taste. Now, I’m not saying that they suck. I mean, why would I think that?! They are my guilty pleasures! They just have the catchiest tunes and pronouncing their lyrics seemed really enjoyable. Not because I can relate to them or they remind of things. No. I just like them that simple.

Anyway the attachment I have with these songs is so overwhelming that it got me thinking how much guilty pleasures can be as important as our own favorite songs. It’s like something you can save for a rainy day when everyone else suddenly turns their backs against you. It’s those songs you sing-along to when you’re alone in your bedroom when you fail to find someone to talk to after scrolling through your contacts. Listening to them sort of tilts the order of the world and for a moment you don’t care anymore to whatever social standard there is.

So all hail to guilty pleasure songs and fuck those who think you’re lame because of them.


2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Songs

    1. sonicspenny Post author

      i looked it up sir lol i think he was so emotionally scarred by the people who judged his guilty pleasures that he was able to come up with this awesome quote haha


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