Anemahinasyon 2015

I just got home from a death defying ride from Manila. Along with the storm that’s surging on our path, the driver seemed so eager to go home that our supposed 12-hour ride became 7. We almost died. Seriously, there was a moment there last night when the driver took this one giant brake and I was almost sure that I’d never get to see tomorrow again.

Anyway, I just got back from Animahenasyon. It’s this 2-day annual animation festival and I am just happy that I get to experience this before I graduate.


I won’t get to the excruciating details of this event. Just the improtant ones.

First, the hostel that we get to stay in was awesome. No, really it’s called Our Awesome Hostel which has this really cool city view of the roofdeck where we hung out every evening.


Then, I get to listen to these really cool and inspiring speakers.

We have an actor! Tom Rodriquez, everyone. Turns out he knows a handful about animation and I realized he’s more than just a pretty face when he started talking about his opinions on how the industry works in our country.


And then there’s adorable Mr. Takuya Wada, who was the animation director of Lupin III vs. Detective Conan The Movie.


And the most inspiring speaker of Animehinasyon 2015 for me is Ms. Josie Trinidad, the Co-Head of Story at Disney Animation Studios for ZOOTOPIA. She was also part of Wreck-It-Ralph, Tangled and The Princess and The Frog. I guess the way she talked about the love of drawing and art (which is the root of why I was able to get here and meet her), hit me really hard and I will forever treasure her words to guide me to whatever I am wanting to pursue.

12118739_1484820928514323_9089004921643406967_n (1)

But wait! I also get to meet my long distance friends that I haven’t seen in a long while!


And spend this wonderful trip with some of the members of my favorite gang


It was also our former chairperson’s birthday so food.


And the highlight of this all is probably getting the spot on the finalists for music video and short film. So I’ll probably be back on the last week of November.

*DISCLAIMER: the photos aren’t mine btw. I stole it from my friends’ accounts because fuck u i haven’t got a camera on my phone.


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