Can’t It be A Bit Sooner?

Daily Prompt: Too Soon?

You know what’s weird? The title of this prompt (which was posted last October 4, 2015) is the same as the title I had on a particular entry last year, October 4, 2014. If you don’t believe me, you can check the date here and tell me this is not weird.

And no, I’m not even gonna talk about what the fuck was I talking about that time because…no I’m just not gonna talk about it.

Moving on to the actual topic of this entry, there are moments in our life that we get clouded with hilarity and fun that we forget the other stuff. The stuff that we only get to realize when the laughter dies down and someone starts to secretly hate you for being insensitive and immature. So when do we really cross the line? When does being funny starts to become being an asshole? And when does enjoyment starts to become completely and utterly wrong?

I guess it’s all about knowing if we undermine other people with these types of jokes. It is when we start to criticize and isolate them for who they are as a form of entertainment and past time for everyone.

And sometimes, when someone tries to speak up for being offended, people usually say “It’s just a joke,” as an excuse. And they would turn the thing around and say that that person is such a bitch for ruining everyone’s great time.

But no one is a perfect comedian and every once in a while, we get to hurt someone’s feelings for being too excited to make everyone else laugh. The important thing is we apologize–and I don’t mean just saying “sorry” and saying something in your defense. Apologize in a way that you are actually taking responsibility of what you did.

I am still weirded out from the title of this prompt. Why u testing me this much?


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