Crimson Horror

A few days ago while having a class discussion, our professor told us about a person’s mood and their reasons. He mentioned one of the reasons for being moody are periods. Now, I cannot disagree to that because it’s quite true from years of experience. Then suddenly someone from our class butted in started saying that periods are just excuses. He was a guy, obviously.

And you could imagine every girl in our class, including me, slowly turn to his direction. We were still smiling from his joke but you can clearly feel the tension inside the room when nobody second or protested to his statement. Everyone was silent and boy, you can imagine how he’s gonna get skinned alive for pressing the trigger button if it wasn’t for us being civil and understanding.

Now, I understand it was supposed to be joke but I know that there are still a lot of people out there who still hasn’t got a clue how period works. It got me thinking, maybe I should talk about periods. I realized, we can’t just restrict the topic of periods among females because they already how it is.

That’s why I’m gonna address this entry to you, guys. And believe me, it’s got everything a stereotypical male wants–it’s got gore, action, blood, betrayal, women…vaginas. So sit back and enjoy my gorey details of womanhood.

Let’s start with the moment a girl wakes up in the pool of her own blood. At first, she wouldn’t know it yet. Not until she has rolled around staining her beautiful mattress and blanket (and later on, realizing she has also ruined her pretty undies). And then she gets to put some pads. Now, let me tell you something about pads: They are never comfortable. No matter how cozy they say it is on commercials, NO. It’s like wearing a diaper. It’s gross and hot and sometimes, when the pads doesn’t suit you, they itch.

And the day hasn’t even started yet. That is just what happens in the morning. The horrible cramps are just lurking around the corner. In a few hours, she will feel the pain mildly and just when she starts to say to herself she can handle it–BOOM. The pain intensifies and there is really nothing she can do but wait until it passes. Contorting the body into specific positions helps but it’s usually never easy to find a comfortable position. Crying also helps.

Then she gets all these weird feelings and frustrations the whole time. Believe me, it’s like having this giant battlefield inside you and you just feel tired and irritated and shit. And at the same time, sexist men magically surrounds her making fun of her mood and attitude.

Cmon, guys. You’re better than that. I don’t know if my description helped but just be nice to girls even if she randomly becomes mean and cry a lot. It’s has probably been a rough day for her. She’s been through a lot so please stop making her more irritated and sad. And just give her what she wants.

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