I’m In Da Howz


Two days ago, we moved out of the apartment and even though nobody verbally admitted how much attached we were to the place, It did kinda felt like that scene in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S finale where they get to leave their beloved home.

When I got back to my house, although it was comforting, it was like having a jetlag even though it was only half and hour away. My body clock is confused as hell that every morning since I got here, my head hurts and I do not feel the energy that I’m supposed to have for the whole day.

There are a few things that I wasn’t able to talk about that happened within the apartment days. The internet is a bit shitty and I didn’t have the time to write about stuff. And even if I did (which is usually past 12 midnight because that’s the only time everything loads), I couldn’t because I would get distracted by the things I missed in the social media.


So here’s a few things that happened while I was in the apartment. I would have put them on a different entry but I am too lazy to do it.

  1. HENERAL LUNA.  I watched it with a friend who I’m starting to hang out with more often like we should. I can’t tell you now why that’s a big deal but I’m just happy that we are catching up with each other’s lives. Right, so this film… Okay I changed my mind, I feel like this does not deserve to be just inserted into some of my ramblings. I really should make a separate entry about this because it’s one of the most important films my people should watch.
  2. POPE JOAN. Despite of the Senior Production, I still found the time to read something. I came across this book at the Booksale. It’s about this girl who disguised herself as a man because in her time education was not available for her gender. She was so good and clever that eventually, she became the pope. I would want to make a review on this.
  3. SILENT SANCTUARY MADNESS. This Filipino band called Silent Sanctuary is notable for their catchy and heart striking songs and has been loved by many over the years. For some reason one of their albums, Monodramatic became the soundtrack of our apartment days. We would play this album for hours without ever getting tired of it (and without ever memorizing the lyrics properly despite that). I guess it secretly relates to us so much that no one bothered to complain everytime it plays.
  4. SIR KARLOS/MASTER QUATRO MEALS. These two eateries have been the only providers of our daily meals because they’re affordable and was just along the avenue. I am planning to make an entry about my few favorite bistros/restaurant/eatery in my years of college so I’m just gonna leave it here. for now.

Okay wow. Now I just made myself promises and responsibilities that I am not even sure I can keep. I guess we’ll just have to wait if I can really write stuff about these things.

Oh and by the way, I’m gonna be out of town in two weeks to attend the Animahenasyon there will be more to talk about. Please give me a decent amount of attention span to write stuff about my life. I mean, it’s not really that important. I don’t get grades in these things and I can’t win in these things but it really is rewarding and I have something to look back to in case I get forgetful.

.apartment_squad2 apartment_squad3

lol That time when the power was out and there’s nothing to do but lie down and converse.


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